The council is perfectly well equipped to lobby NT and …

Comment on ‘Big Council’ needed in times of trouble by Interested Darwin Observer.

The council is perfectly well equipped to lobby NT and Federal government in their current form. What is lacking is a megaphone. The council need to amplify their message (on behalf of the people of Alice Springs). The council should be absolutely smashing the current NT Government on their performance, yet they remain meek and mild, barely rocking the boat.
Increasing bureaucracy, rules, legislation and controls are all the signs of big government that we can do without.
There are those who think they can shape their own future and life best themselves and there are others who think this is best done by layers of government and bureaucrats.

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‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’
Mandatory voting is in itself an infringement of one’s freedom. And what is more important than freedom? It is the one true human right.
Those who choose not to vote are exercising an (illegal) right that should be respected.
Perhaps some people realise that Government is not the be-all and end-all. It is just a bureaucracy.
People can run their own “government” and their own lives within their own family home and community.
“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others,” said Winston Churchill.

Alcohol research: all the government’s own way
I see absolutely NIL reason that data about public assets and public policy would be withheld other than the fact the data reveals some politically inconvenient facts.
As such, perhaps a FOI request is needed.
Gunner’s NT Government – the least transparent of them all.

‘Catastrophic’ drop in construction work
What sort of democracy is it when the taxpayer has funded / purchased a report yet for no apparent reason (it’s hardly an issue of national security) is the government willing to make public.

Gallery: no deal yet on land swap
Thanks Erwin, that is an astronomical number.
The current library is approximately 1000m2 in size, to replace a similar size for $30m would equate to $30,000 per m2 (about 15x more expensive per m2 than a house).
I suspect the $30m figure is to replace the entire civic centre not just the library.

Gallery: no deal yet on land swap
The new Library would likely cost around $5 Million. Similar in cost to a day care center or pre school. $30 Million is more than the original expected cost of the new supreme court building.

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