Private Blackwater-like group? …

Comment on AFP denies spy encounter, no comment from Defence by Anne.

Private Blackwater-like group?

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CLP would build gallery at Desert Park, not Anzac precinct
It just needs to be built where it is easy to get to by car, foot or pedal. Magnificent Indigenous art showcasing what the world comes to see.

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
So now it’s here! The health department had a duty to warn! Now let’s get the tent hospital ready, we’re going to need it. It will spread like wildfire through vulnerable populations who don’t have any resources to protect themselves.

COVID-19 news: Alice Springs woman diagnosed
A tent hospital will have to be erected at the Showgrounds by the army to accommodate the sick, also the race track would also be suitable or the Finke Desert Race start / finish.

Coronavirus strategies in the bush still a work in progress
It’s going to be a disaster for communities. Inadequate health facilities, tyranny of distance and lack of basic infection control knowledge, overcrowding in dwellings and lack of access to suggested supplies e.g. disinfectants and water, suggest a health tragedy of mammoth proportions if communities are not adequately protected and supported.

Curfew: What else could fix youth crime?
We need more youth workers to support the families and children and also more helpers in the classroom to keep children on task and help them to achieve their potential.
Reducing the number of classroom tutors in government schools is not helpful. Very shortsighted by funding bodies.

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