Private Blackwater-like group? …

Comment on AFP denies spy encounter, no comment from Defence by Anne.

Private Blackwater-like group?

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The elusive goal of deep shade in Alice
I also plant a lot of trees and water them at my own expense.
They provide a town with peace and beauty.
It’s not necessary to have the hot house surrounded by dirt here.
Start by planting a number of shade trees and water between 8 and 11 during the heat.
Cools everything down, de-stresses the house ambience, cleans the air, helps control the dust and keeps us all sane.

Town Council considers $50m art gallery options
Desert Park’s the spot I prefer after seeing the concept image.
The escarpment in the background, no houses, plenty of room for discreet parking.
The world will visit wherever it is built.

Claire Hockridge found dead
It is a free country and these things happen from time to time here in the Outback.
You can’t stop people heading out of town on a bush leisure trip.
However, I was hoping that every knowledge and skill resource available would be used to expedite a speedy rescue, and I included local Indigenous trackers on my wish list, once the car was located.
We will never know if the use of non-government trackers might have increased the chances of a less tragic end. It will be a sad Christmas.

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