We can only hope that they at least manage to …

Comment on Debt-ridden govt wrests control of debt-free Transport Hall by Garth Drake.

We can only hope that they at least manage to continue to run this wonderful asset correctly but with the knowledge of how the NT Government operates I feel this is a nail in the coffin for RTH of F and another nail for Alice.
It will be amazing if the owners of many of the collections and vehicle allow them to stay under the “control” of NTG who seem incapable of controlling their own patch, least of all adding this well run organisation.

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Council: Jacinta Price refuses to bury the hatchet
We all know how long payback goes on in the families and communities.
May have been better if she just walked away instead of being able to “quit” council then come back when she got her rear kicked at the election.

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Yet again Ms Moss has managed to fill half a page without really saying anything apart from the fact that there is yet another committee involved. At least hot air is good for balloons.

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And finally some decent quality photos to work with.

The tree or the bench?
Bob Taylor: I agree. Not too hard to stand up and move left or right a couple of metres to view the sunset where-as the shade is very nice to sit in.
Best of both worlds right there without being too lazy to move a little to get THAT photo.

Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves
John Trousdell: Well said.

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