The media reports about the $300m push by the US …

Comment on US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT? by David.

The media reports about the $300m push by the US Navy to construct a naval base in Darwin.
This is a concern because at what point did the people of Darwin, the NT and in fact Australia, ask for or were consulted about the US defence deployment, and now construction of US military defence facilities in the Top End with talk of a further $70m for US upgrades to Tindal Airforce base?
And how is it – as reported – that the US Congress can be working on a Draft Congressional Bill in their defence legislation for the Secretary of the Navy to acquire property for military construction outside the US such as in the NT?
All the Australian Defence Department can reportedly say about it is: “Too early to comment on the US military plans for the NT.”
The US can legislate on matters to do with our country and the Australian government just allows it to happen?
Matters of alliance can be reasonably understood, but to allow the US to legislate on matters to do with our country is going a bit too far.

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Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
@ Jack: Jane Blunden is member of the Kurra Royalty Association so should know what she is talking about when she says there is minimal benefit for people on the ground.
Jack, you sort of said that yourself. Having two bob each way defending CLC?
CLC represents views of Aboriginal people but not all Aboriginal people, only those who hold power to help keep land council in power, a sort of quid pro quo.
Everything that was originally set up was for the benefit of all Aboriginal people in the bush in what ever shape or form that could be (to help overcome poverty) but is hijacked to benefit the unconscionable powerful.
And so, why Aboriginal people sell their own art to achieve things that these sorts of monies could help address.

Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
In his wisdom the former Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion, gave control of ABA monies to the land councils when once the ABA was independent of Land Councils.
Of course applying for funding through the former ABA outside land councils certain criteria still needed to be met by applicants.
Now under land councils successful applications are based on whether applicants are favoured by land councils if not you get zilch.
If land councils were doing the right thing there would hardly be the soaring crime rate.
Royalties have caused haves and have nots – those in poverty.
Greed is everywhere. So much for caring and sharing. Governments are complicit in it all by allowing it to function the way it does.

Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
The judge made the right decision to hold the trial in Alice Springs.
That’s a good start.

Life’s basic questions prompt answers to the hard ones
The men Michael brings together through Codes 4 Life are strong cultural sober leaders in their community.
One would think through Codes 4 Life there would be engagement with these men by Police, Councils, Governments (NT and Federal) and non government bodies to work together on finding solutions regarding criminal and anti social behaviour in Alice Springs and other places.
All is heard is a lot of whining about all the issues, yet here are the very people to engage with who could help find ways to deal with rampaging youth in cultural ways.

PowerWater, Territory Generation CEOs sacked
Around about paragraph 10 of this story mentions the NT Government providing open and transparent progress report.
Open and transparent this government has never been, as promised they would. Election time looking good.

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