I have never been to the reserve, but I am …

Comment on Spying on park visitors: nothing to see here? by Conspiracy theorist.

I have never been to the reserve, but I am sure that if any part of the park that contains: car parking, walking trails, park facilities etc anywhere either near the entrance to Pine Gap, or within say 5km of the boundary fence, then I would not be surprised that surveillance has been going on for years.
I bet there are more than the one surveillance camera. There are no doubt multiple hidden cameras (every so many hundreds of meters) or within close proximity to the entire perimeter fence looking into the reserve.
No cameras should however be installed on the park reserve’s land without the NTG’s approval. Regardless of whether or not it is necessary I would think Pine Gap have every right to have cameras along their fence perimeter or within their compound looking into the park reserve. However I would think some kind of signage should also be placed on the fence that stipulates that cameras may be present / operating in the area.
I also bet there must be a guideline in place at Pine Gap that originates from the US government that states if a civilian is found anywhere within (say a 2km radius) of pine gap then they should be questioned, regardless of what they may be obviously doing.
All of the above may also be the case for Area 51 in Nevada or any other major US base of significance.
It may be that the AFP be subject to have this same right to question civilians and that they may not be obliged to talk to the media with admitting what they do without first talking with someone higher up in command.
I also bet that a higher up personnel may not necessarily answer or waste time to frivolous scenarios unless someone had actually attempted to either cause a major protest or break into the facility etc.

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Gunner the statesman short on facts for Centre
@ Joan Carpenter: Call the Alice Springs hospital. Ask them directly about getting checked. They should be able to have you tested.
It will be ridiculous if they can’t, they surely would be the place to look after any potential outbreaks so surely they are also the testing centre. In the morning I will call them myself.

Work on six storey accommodation complex to start in May
@ CharlieCarter: Several years ago the NTG lifted the height restrictions in Alice Springs up to eight stories high. Depending on the location of vistas.
Now with construction costs these days being quite expensive, not to mention property prices within Alice Springs town centre being expensive, the only way is up.
Otherwise you can forget having affordable multi-storey dwellings.
It’s not worth building them to just three stories without passing on the expensive building costs onto new tenants.
I am certain it was this very online newspaper for publishing the news on the new height limits. Anyway, I think going up is better than sprawling out.
This town has a shortage of rental choices at affordable prices.
I look forward to seeing this development completed.
The town needs more people living in the town centre.
New people will also mean more competitive prices and cheaper rents.
Hopefully it will also mean less crime, as most of the petty crime happens when there’s not to many people around to see it.

Gunner says fresh talks about gallery at Anzac Hill precinct
@ Mick O’Neill: My thoughts were they fenced the site off to protect further damage to the trees and reduce loitering.
Having said that, I walked past the other day and saw holes in the fence and evidence of litter still.
The owner of that site also owns another neighbouring property. Perhaps they are land banking.
However I doubt that the gallery will be or should be built there. I’d prefer to see other land uses there, not a gallery.
Put the gallery south of The Gap and keep the extra traffic away from town. New businesses will still invest on both sides of The Gap as most of the tourist accommodation establishments are on the north side of The Gap.

Council: Gallery at Anzac precinct, no to curfew
@ Evelyne Roullet: Thanks. Alas I thought the Totem Theatre was heritage listed and I thought the senior’s centre recently had been refurbished not too long ago, with new paint inside and out the last 13 months.
Meanwhile I noticed at 7.30am this morning the last of the two storey building was almost completely demolished. I could also see the bulldozers pulling the final single story building down too.
I have no doubt the entire school site will be rubble by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Council: Gallery at Anzac precinct, no to curfew
The drawing of plans shown in the previous news article do no show the car parking arrangements or indication as to where people will park.
Keeping the oval is one thing but with the existing carpark being proposed to be ripped up for other uses, where will the patrons park for the: Youth Centre, Anzac Oval events, Seniors Centre, Totem Theatre over flow and now the proposed new art centre which will no doubt generate hundreds of cars.
Where will every one park?
Will an underground parking complex be built beneath the oval? Or a multi storey carpark across the road?
The oval and new art gallery will also be surely subjected to flooding. It might not be raining now but in the next decade I am sure there will be a major flood.
I seriously think the proposed art gallery is in the wrong spot and my reasons are not because of cultural reasons but purely logistical reasons.
You can’t have people walking a 100 or more meters from a multi-storey car park across the street to the gallery near where the school was. It’s completely crazy.
Respect people’s wishes and build the gallery either in town in an existing carpark and build a new rooftop car park on top of it or simply build it south of The Gap.

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