I feel like if you go anywhere near a military …

Comment on Spying on park visitors: nothing to see here? by Mike Jones.

I feel like if you go anywhere near a military base of any sort you should expect to be watched. Seems pretty normal to me?
I’m neither hear nor there about the base, it provides a lot of income for the town when it comes to property, shops and attractions.
Considering no doubt plenty of women go down the “male only” track it’s not respected as its meant to be anyway.
But go figure you visit the place you’ll probably end up with your details noted whether you give them over or not.
But I agree with the others comments you really shouldn’t go there and not expect to be scrutinised.
Sure it’s a “public” park but next to a defence facility, should expect nothing less.
Maybe the drone visit saves them coming out to speak to you face to face. Just let them do what they need to do and protect us from the stupidity of terrorism.
You’d be kidding yourself to think they don’t protect Australia.

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