This government has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous! …

Comment on Soy sauce now only from a bottlo by LongTermAlice.

This government has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous! No wonder they have so little support.
If they can spend money organising sauce to be sold at bottle shops and making people hand over their ID to purchasing it, they are bigger fools than we all knew they were.

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Woman threatened with weapon, credit card, car stolen
So was this youth remanded in custody until the court case?
Can you follow up Erwin and see what consequences this person is subject to?
I just find regardless of what charges are laid there is always a “poor bugger me” story for the criminal that judges take on board more so than what the victim has had to go through.
The judges are so out of touch of public expectations of how criminal behaviour should be dealt with. Bail after bail does not give any of us confidence in the judicial process.
Perhaps our government, who has also gone so soft on consequences for bad actions, should make stronger laws that judges have to abide by, so we all don’t end up victims and incarcerated in our own homes for fear of leaving it to be robbed again.
The Territory was once a great place to live, but daylight robberies and assaults are becoming common practise throughout, with very little changing over the past years – it has just become so much worse and more and more long term locals and others leaving to live elsewhere.

Tourism bonanza in final CLP year
You are correct in mentioning this, @Phil Walcott, re the Aussie dollar and Australia being a more safe destination.
However, the marketing done for Central Australia and the NT overall helped those visitors to choose to come here. And like @Liz Martin said below, the campaigns gave us personalities again. That’s what our visitors are looking for, not just a destination that could be anywhere in Australia – but our unique characters and lifestyle.
The new government have big shoes to fill to keep the momentum going and the campaigns for our region appropriate and regular.
I’m looking forward to see if they can match what has been done in the past few years, as the figures tell the full story of how well things have improved the past couple of years.

Another one woman campaign for Alice tourism
@ Kieran Finnane: Not once did I or would I try to attempt to sweep anything under the carpet.
I am just trying to do what most people who love living in this town would do.
That is mention and talk up all of the positives we have to offer and promote Alice Springs as an exciting place to base yourself and to Explore Alice Springs and the MacDonnell Ranges.

Another one woman campaign for Alice tourism
@Kieran Finnane. While we can always keep pushing these stats about the woes of the NT social problems and I don’t mean to belittle ANY of the points you make, I do however feel everywhere you travel in the world there will never be the ‘perfect’ place to visit. That is a fact.
So what’s wrong with looking at and trying to point out the positives we can offer our visitors, a beautiful climate, stunning scenery, and the sense of adventure you get either flying or driving into A Town like Alice. I have lived here 26 years and will not make light of our social problems. I will however be positive in how I help educate our visitors showing them that common sense will always make a holiday more enjoyable where ever you visit. If we all keep looking only at certain points that makes “bragging difficult” as you say, we are contributing to the demise of the tourist industry in this town.
Yes we need to be realistic but as soon as anyone says anything positive about this town you will always find 3 more that just want to knock it.
So why not point out the good things as well so at least there may be a future in tourism in this town!
I do see the faults and where I can do my bit to help,but I will talk about the town I have called home for so long(and so have so many of those who comment) with the love and enthusiasm and point out all of our positive points. If it’s that bad why are we all still here?
We are here because Alice Springs has a wonderful community spirit and some fantastic places/icons/cultural connections that enrich us all, despite how negative the points people want to keep pointing out.
Surely you have some positives to balance out the conversation.

Another one woman campaign for Alice tourism
@ Fred the Philistine: Do you think because of some issues you feel are wrong in our town that we should not be promoting our town?
Many of our attractions, parks and tourism businesses have had and are going through updates and changes as they are heavily invested in having a successful business.
Wherever you go in the world you will have parking issues. Think Sydney, New York, and anywhere, really.
Bitumen on a car park will not bring visitors, and the murder capital of Australia, well I speak to people along the highway to Alice Springs as well as those in town and have yet to hear ANYONE in years mention anything along those lines.
It seems to be the locals who like to keep perpetuating that slogan.
While I feel we always need to be vigilant about antisocial behavior in town recent measures have curbed this behavior tenfold.
I also have seen similar anti social behavior in many other towns, small towns, Darwin, the Gold Coast, again Sydney.
So I don’t think people see this as a uniquely Alice Springs issue. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all talk up the good things in our town as there are so many instead of the continual knocking?
How much better could we all be ambassadors to our visitors if we all could point out all the wonderful things this town has to offer rather than look for anything that doesn’t measure up in your eyes.

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