Cooking wine is far worse than soy sauce. Actually not …

Comment on Soy sauce now only from a bottlo by Concerned.

Cooking wine is far worse than soy sauce. Actually not really, but still has a slightly higher alcohol content than soy sauce. This is absolutely ridiculous. A lot of bureaucracy just to stop soy sauce with a 2% content.
The soy sauce will only make you thirsty for something less salty. The same goes for cooking wine. Drinking cooking wine will most likely just make you want to throw up.
What is next? All restaurants selling food with soy sauce or cooking wine must have liquor licenses? This is madness. Only in the NT.

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Council on climate: wide-ranging action as matter of urgency
@ Francis: Yes you are correct. For those who are interested have a read of this article produced earlier in September 2019 by NASA.
The article discusses the role of the sun in climate change and from the added graphs it shows that the sun has not much to do with the man made climate change.

Uproar about possible closing of Katherine Museum
This is the first time I have read about the possible closure of the museum and the neglect of the cemetery in Katherine. I am not sure on the details of everything, however one thing I am sure of is the council (owner of the cemetery land) and who ever owns the museum should apply for a Federal grant.
Each year the Australian Government have heritage funds available for protecting and preserving historic and important sites. The terms and conditions of the funding alongside what needs to happen is given on their website.
I do believe that rather than closing the museum now, a business case should be made for funding next year. Please note funding for the 2019/2020 year closes October 22.

Minister Lawler determined to demolish Anzac High
A FYI to any one interested. The Northern Territory “Construction Snapshot – July 2019” (an 8.2mb PDF document), states that Anzac Hill High School is the anticipated commencement date for demolition in Q3, 2019!
This detail is on page 19.
I guess the timing of how long it will take to be completely demolished will probably be determined by whether or not building materials will be saved or not.

National gallery: Waiting for the council, says Wakefield
I say build the gallery south of The Gap. If it’s built in town on the civic centre land, I have no doubt the town will need a multi-storey carpark to cater for additional traffic being generated by the gallery. Also, where would you relocate the council civic centre?
If the new national gallery is built south of The Gap, new businesses could also be established near the gallery and thus creating new jobs.
The associated new business areas can also double as being a alternative place for people living in Kilgariff, Ross and Ilparpa to do shopping in, easing some pressure on the existing town traffic and carparks.
Anyway, with Kilgariff growing there is no doubt additional services and shops will need to be established regardless.
I say build the gallery somewhere south of the Gap, near the mountain ranges. Build it there, not in town. No multi-storey carpark required, have the whole precinct blend with the landscape.

Another great river tree goes up in flames
@ Rosalie: I agree with all of your comments however unfortunately some people prefer to camp in the sand than in any dwelling.
Perhaps the location of the fire was not considered at the time. It was most likely that the campers thought the tree would provide some day shade, shelter and maybe wind protection.
I do hope the fire was for warmth and was not a deliberate act of vandalism. If they burned part of the actual tree and not used loose wood near or under the tree then I would call that action vandalism. If they burned loose wood near or under the tree then obviously it wasn’t a very smart idea.
I also agree with what Alex said – the fact the riverbed has been lowered doesn’t help either. Unless someone or a group of people physically go down into the river bed to check where fires are lit, then there really can’t be much done from dusk to dawn.
Lightning up the river isn’t the answer either as wildlife will be confused from light pollution.
I guess people just need to learn to become better environmental stewards.
Understand that littering and fires too close or under trees destroy the home of wildlife and unlike shrubs, trees take decades to be fully recover from fire.

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