This appears to be an administrative dog’s breakfast. The existing …

Comment on Soy sauce now only from a bottlo by Sylvia Else.

This appears to be an administrative dog’s breakfast. The existing legislation makes it clear that it applies to beverages, and there is no conceivable basis on which Soy Sauce can be considered a beverage.
The NEW, not yet in force, legislation widens the definition of liquor to include anything containing more than a certain proportion of alcohol. It provides an exemption for small quantities. It rather looks as if the officials have jumped the gun in telling people they need to get a licence when the legislation is not yet in force.
The new legislation does also give the executive government the power to make regulations exempting substances in certain situations, and presumably, Soy Sauce will be one of those.
Quite why it was necessary to make this process so disruptive is anyone’s guess. I think some people in government just like throwing their weight around.
The new legislation even seeks to regulate alcohol mixed with gases, and says that determining the volume of alcohol must be done at the highest temperature at which the gas is a liquid. The fact that that’s a function of pressure seems to have been overlooked.

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