The heart of the Centre has been broken with big …

Comment on Alice vs The Rock, at a glance by Kathy.

The heart of the Centre has been broken with big commercial industry like the big companies and government funding dominating the Alice.
No more face to face personalised service any more, but internet and communicating through Facebook and web sites for tours and accommodation.
This for booking is good, but some people like to communicate and ask those reassuring questions and little help they may need.
People not just money are the losers as are the small businesses in town that are feeling this very much.
As for Uncle Huck, this town now thrives on tourism and events that come to the Centre. Do not bite the hand that feeds you, mate.

Kathy Also Commented

Alice vs The Rock, at a glance
All a big publicity stunt. Makes some do gooders feel good. You watch, with in a year or two, the Rock will be open to climb, but with another fee.
This is a joke and can be easily fixed. Customer service and face to face service would be a huge draw card for Alice Springs.
The Rock is so commercialised, and the service is something you would expect, but do not get for the price you pay for accommodation.
We travelled down in April and could not check in before 3:30pm and could not leave our luggage, so had to hang around the resort waiting.
After a long drive this is not acceptable.

Recent Comments by Kathy

A touch of light: shield shrimps
I would be more concerned about the flies. They invade your face, moisture and then move on to the next person. Good transmitters of the virus.

NT may face total COVID-19 lockdown
Why not restrict the members of the communities from leaving and this will help prevent the spread of the virus to the communities.
Supplies can be sent out and internet can provide necessary payments as it does to everyone else.

Incoming Pine Gap personnel to self-isolate like everyone else
Self isolation from overseas guests. Where do they do this?
At the international city they come into or their destination?

Cashless Debit Card will harm: NTCOSS
For too long government and tax payers’ money has been given out in the Territory. Yes, it stays in the Territory, at the grog shops or at the pokies.
Taxpayers’ money is not a given right to take and abuse. It is there to help the less fortunate for food and shelter.
Education and health is free to people on the welfare. All it needs for people on welfare to use it wisely.

CLP candidate Mayor puts demands to Labor CM
We have had drop-in centres, this is a band aid not an answer.
The law is there for all, not just some and not others, or we are called racist.
Law braking is an offence and should be dealt with accordingly not a slap on the wrist and off you go, to do the same thing again, making other citizens lives a scary and wary place to live in Alice Springs.
If my kids were hanging around the town, I am sure the police would be making them their business.

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