Could Gunner be telling porkies as well as being a …

Comment on ‘Gunner the Betrayer’ by David.

Could Gunner be telling porkies as well as being a sellout?
Fracking has been given the green light by Gunner’s mob despite uttering noises to the contrary.
Gunner says he knows nothing about US plans to establish a naval base near Darwin and upgrade of Tindal airbase for US purposes.
Can we expect an about face on that too?

Recent Comments by David

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
In most crime situations police often seek and rely on help from the public to help catch an offender or to help resolve a criminal case.
Yet it seems too often though, when the public seek information from police about situations such as what has occurred, police clam up.
All that does is cause innuendo, speculation and sensational media reporting that does not go down too well for police.
Police say the police officer was attacked with an edged weapon. An edged weapon could be anything but a knife. The significance is, a young man was shot dead, shot three times, yet the main focus is on the weapon used to attack the police officer.
The fact remains the police office was attacked. The weapon could have been anything. Should it be that the circumstances of the attack would matter more? And yes, I’m no keyboard lawyer. Just wondering like everyone else.

Rock climb closure: total government control of media
Statements from Sammy Wilson are pre-packaged by Parks Australia you say – bit like politicians have their speech pre-package wouldn’t you say, except that can’t apply to a black person it appears.
White people have taken over the whole planet and stuffed it up good and proper and yet you still want more.
Your greed holds no bounds nor respect for other cultures and in this case, the oldest on the planet that you have made no effort to understand.
Has to be all your way.
As you would say to a black person (Aboriginal) get over it, the sky is not falling in.

Politicking or community: What to do about youth crime?
I lay blame directly at the feet of government(s) with the constant shifting policy goal posts that are aimed at and affect Aboriginal people.
Aboriginal people are becoming a captive people to the system and whoever else gains out of that situation politically and otherwise.
Essentially Aboriginal people are powerless, especially those from the bush communities.
The younger generation are no longer respecting traditional means of control.
They have access to all modern technological means of communication, mobile phones, Facebook, the lot.
Like many younger generation kids, this has opened up a whole new world to access besides the good, also the worst aspects of white and other societies they emulate.
We are seeing a break down in cultural control over the younger generation of Aboriginal people because, in part, of that intrusion.
To talk about Aboriginal people doing a decent day’s work is a joke when there are hardly any jobs to be had.
There used to be the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) that at least provided some employment, better than none, and community development for people back on country that Aboriginal people had some control of.
Again, government meddling did away with CDEP to introduce money management programs and the rubbish punitive Community Development Program (CDP) in place that only the providers get rich out of, and many younger generations finding difficult to comply with.
With hours on the phone to Centrelink many decide to opt out, adding further pressure on families, communities and society and perhaps in some instances, leading to criminal activity.
Money management and such government controlled and implemented programs before being applied to the wider population, are tested by government on Aboriginal people, in many respects the most disadvantaged.

‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’
A string of Territory governments themselves have posed a threat to democracy, not Aboriginal people from the bush by not voting.
There are backstabbing and all sorts of power plays, shafting and dumping left right and centre including that of people who were voted into government by Aboriginal people to represent them.
All that does not instil any measure of confidence or trust in government, particularly with people from the bush who are aware that monies that should go to bush programs, are funnelled into all sorts of projects in Darwin.
So this is probably why people of the bush don’t care to vote anymore.

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
The media reports about the $300m push by the US Navy to construct a naval base in Darwin.
This is a concern because at what point did the people of Darwin, the NT and in fact Australia, ask for or were consulted about the US defence deployment, and now construction of US military defence facilities in the Top End with talk of a further $70m for US upgrades to Tindal Airforce base?
And how is it – as reported – that the US Congress can be working on a Draft Congressional Bill in their defence legislation for the Secretary of the Navy to acquire property for military construction outside the US such as in the NT?
All the Australian Defence Department can reportedly say about it is: “Too early to comment on the US military plans for the NT.”
The US can legislate on matters to do with our country and the Australian government just allows it to happen?
Matters of alliance can be reasonably understood, but to allow the US to legislate on matters to do with our country is going a bit too far.

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