It’s like fracking. Until we know all the answers to …

Comment on Nuke power way to zero emissions, or a solar shortcut? by Ted Egan.

It’s like fracking. Until we know all the answers to all the questions, let’s dodge nuclear power.
Find out where the uranium is, but leave it there for the moment.
A Tennant Creek solar farm is a great idea. Has anybody ever noticed that Tennant is also perfect for wind generation?
It’s always windy, either hot or cold, but usually at speed desirable for effective functioning.
Here’s the chance for the Warramungu to become millionaires. It’s what they deserve.

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The sound of stockwhips cracking and the thunder of hooves
Good on you Tanya. I so admire the life on a good cattle station.
The essentials: a good Boss and a good Missus.
Tanya, Brett, M’Lis and Ben were so lucky: Great parents, lots of good fun, music, learning essential disciplines from loving parents and companions.
Station kids can ride buckjumpers, walk cattle across Australia, drive trucks, yet they also derive so much benefit from our wonderful School of the Air, today demonstrating to the world the principles of education in isolation.
It’s a great book and I recommend it to all

Council rejects parts of Kilgariff
See my earlier comment. What they have done is redirect the Todd River in flood back to itself, swamping the cemetery en route.
But in reality a 100 year flood (If it ever happened) through Kilgariff is going to provide a slow, gradual, welcome drink for trees and gardens of the blocks.

‘Affordable land’ in a man-made desert
Talk about overkill. We are now re-directing the flooding Todd (if it ever occurs) back into itself, drowning the cemetery en route.
As the Welsh say, there’s clever. As the locals say: too smart altogether.

Tourism smaller but better, pollies must talk to the people
What a joy to read such sensible comments from two experienced Old Timers.
In August the NT has the opportunity to elect an effective, hard-working government, for we will be living in a very different world post Corona. Thus, we need to have “the facts” enunciated for us in well-motivated but apolitical terms, as Charlie and Gavin have done here.
Well done Erwin, Kieran and Julius Dennis.
There are many other wise Elders out there, in splendid isolation in these crazy times “just waiting to be asked”.

Kaytetye woman Jean Pepperill in final year of medicine
This is what it’s all about. Congratulations.

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