I just want to make sure that Australians understand that …

Comment on Nuke power way to zero emissions, or a solar shortcut? by Tony.

I just want to make sure that Australians understand that any undersea cable connecting Australia and Singapore will by necessity cross Indonesia.
I can’t see a business case in this. It seems obvious that if Sun Cable is serious about selling to Singapore, it is simpler and faster to just build the solar farm in Sumatra and lay down only 100 km of undersea cable to Singapore.
Any inefficiency of the Indonesian infrastructure, onerous bureaucracy, even corruption, is made up by the fact that one only has to spend for 100 km of undersea cable instead of 3500 km.
And Sun Cable will still have to deal with Indonesia no matter what. Laying several thousand km of undersea cable across a country’s territorial seas will require high level bilateral agreement. This proposal is just hype.
PS: I also think that the correct path going forward is to use both renewable and nuclear. However, that has nothing to do with Sun Cable’s proposal, which seems to be taking a weirdly uneconomical tack to sell an otherwise valuable product.

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