If Australia’s alliance with USA may prevent us from joining …

Comment on Australian pathway through Pine Gap to nuclear ban treaty  by Rosalie.

If Australia’s alliance with USA may prevent us from joining the nuclear test ban treaty then rather than discussing whether we can join the treaty, we should re-consider the importance of our alliance with USA.
In 2021 Australia’s position in the world suggests we should consider the value of multilateral dependence, rather than being dependent on USA.

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‘Sneaky’ Christmas present from Environment Minister
Yes, we need to leave the gas in the ground.
Unfortunately gas is not replacing coal as an energy source but being added to the fossil fuel mix. Gas industries also release methane at every stage of the extraction process so climate change impact may be as high as coal.
The NT’s immense solar resources provide sustainable economic opportunities to replace gas, and employ people in a wide range of occupations.
Very disappointing from our ALP government which we elected for their claimed environmental concerns including an informed approach to the question of fracking.

Cattle in parks: Fences impractical, says department
Cattle are trashing our beautiful parks. It is hard to believe that the costs of fencing are greater than the loss of biodiversity and tourism value from cattle in parks.
We are a strong volunteer workforce, and the amazing work in restoring the Larapinta Trail after the fires shows what volunteers can achieve, even in harsh conditions in a short time.
I suggest Parks should contact their volunteers to protect our parks by maintaining fencing.

Another great river tree goes up in flames
I agree with you Alex that the loss of these ancient trees to fires is a tragedy. I wish we could provide safe housing and warmth so our heritage is not lost for winter warmth and cooking.

Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?
@ John Bell: Greens policies all online if you are interested, and all members can contribute to policy development.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
Thanks Erwin and Warren for this detailed interview that recognises the complexity of issues.
Erwin could you fact check Warren’s statement: “There is a clear ongoing demand in the Australian economy for access to gas reserves, conventional or unconventional.”
This contradicts the current Quarterly Essay statement by Rebecca Huntley: “The research I’ve done in the last two years, in particular with undecided and swinging voters, shows environmental issues like opposition to coal-seam gas and concern about deforestation, worries about water and air quality, food security and the transition to an energy market that relies primarily on renewables, come up in general political discussion and are important issues in deciding their vote.
“In other words, environmental issues (including climate change) are important to voters across partisan divides as well as to voters who describe themselves as swinging or undecided. Which means a political party ignores these issues at its own electoral peril.”
Thank you!

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