We would hope the public get a say as well. …

Comment on Gunner goofs: No council ‘decisions’ on gallery site by Joan Carpenter.

We would hope the public get a say as well.

Recent Comments by Joan Carpenter

Gunner the statesman short on facts for Centre
Evelyne, we were given a sheet of paper in Adelaide, stating we must isolate for 14 days. There were no forms to fill in with contact details, so no one is checking on us.

Gunner the statesman short on facts for Centre
Thank you Ralph Folds: We entered Australia via Adelaide and Alice Springs airports where there were no checks, and no registration regarding our whereabouts etc, just a piece of paper telling us we must isolate for 14 days.
I would have thought we were in a high risk category, considering many of the positive cases in Australia have come from overseas.
What would have happened in Alice Springs if we became unwell during our isolation days, if there is no testing available in Alice Springs?

Gunner the statesman short on facts for Centre
We have returned from overseas and are in isolation, a situation we take very seriously. When our 14 days have expired, we intend to join one of the support groups here, and as a precaution would like to get tested to make sure we are virus free. I note Darwin and Katherine have a testing unit, but is there one here we can access?

Third NT COVID-19 case confirmed
This lady reached Darwin because there are no checks at the airports. We cut an overseas visit short and flew into Adelaide from India.
At inter-nationals in Adelaide we expected at least a temp check, fill in some papers as we had to in India, which seat number on the plane we sat in, where we have come from and going to and contact numbers etc.
There was nothing.
There were three girls in white hospital looking gear sitting at a table.
As we approached them they just waved us through, and we caught our flight to Alice Springs. We are now in self isolation, being supported by friends, where we will remain until our 14 days have passed.

Mayor’s ‘conflict’: council to ask for independent legal opinion
Your headline, “Gunner demands Council deal with Mayor conflict of interest” suggests Mr Gunner has the problem.
Several Mayors over the years have announced their candidature into the next level of Government without raising all these legal questions.
If it’s not sorted to his satisfaction, and remembering the same applies in the Barkly where Mayor Edgington is also a CLP candidate in the coming election, we may have a situation where Mr Gunner and his Ministers ignore the whole Southern Regions for the next 7 months.

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