Hal Duell, have to agree with you there. Perhaps …

Comment on Gunner goofs: No council ‘decisions’ on gallery site by Betty Davies.

Hal Duell, have to agree with you there. Perhaps not all councillors. Hopefully.

Recent Comments by Betty Davies

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
The mind boggles as to the apparent reason for council rejecting the offer on the grounds of it “not being enough money”. What about: “We don’t demolish perfectly good buildings with such gay abandon.”

Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists
Ah, so they’re still at it. On the two occasions I have been there, my peace was destroyed by similar demands to produce my driver’s licence … which I refused to do.
My subsequent complaint to Parks and Wildlife drew results, and for a time they backed off. Perhaps another official complaint would be timely?

Yaye’s Café at Araluen to close tomorrow
Unbelievable! Was by far the best cafe in town.

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