Scott has flip flopped between being a CLP die hard …

Comment on McConnell ‘highly likely’ to run for Braitling by Jim in Braitling.

Scott has flip flopped between being a CLP die hard when he was working with Alison, a rusted on Labour man and now runs with the only person who can trust him … himself.
Why Braitling Scott? Is that your hood? S’pose I better get used to seeing you down the Northside shops selling your wares!

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Alcohol reference group: Dice seem loaded
For about 10 years now I have frequented the Northside bottle shop and slowly over these years I have watched it deteriorate to a point where the majority of the floorspace is taken up with boxes upon boxes of $10 bottles of white wine, clearly targeting the residents / visitors to Hoppy’s and Charles Creek Camps.
You don’t have to look too hard to see the shimmer of broken glass over the Charles Creek and work out where most of this cheap grog is going.
Not only has the selection deteriorated but the general behaviour of people – I have been lucky and never been caught up in any dramas, but have been unfortunate and witnessed increased levels of anti social behaviour there over the years, even a small riot one evening – from my observations – mostly grog related.
Despite what Mr Tollner and Mr Giles feed us the BDR was making a difference, at the outlet level it was noticeable.
As the owners of the outlet, Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation or LAE Holdings, operating under LAE Supermarkets, as being represented by Mr M Liddle in this instance, he / they will need to make a choice on where they stand. What’s good for the bottom line, isn’t always whats best for the community.
I would ask Mr Liddle to get support of the LAE Holdings board and to vote for the reintroduction of the BDR, not only at Northside but other liquor outlets LAE Holdings operates, and that he encourages other members of this reference group to do the same.

75 dwellings jammed into old bowls club
Is there a wet and dry mess?

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