Cold morning, warm hearts at the Old Timers Fete


What defines Alice Springs are events like the Old Timers Fete.


“It’s a battle for volunteers,” says the heart and soul of the fixture, Mary Miles.


This year it almost didn’t take place but of course the community rallied, a small committee was formed and the 52nd annual fete was a huge success.


The takings were even bigger by about $10,000 than last year which raised $57,000.


Even the weather played ball: Cold enough in the morning for the trestles along the fence, offering knitted blankets, scarves, knee rugs, jumpers and beanies, to do a roaring trade.


The trestles are filled each year with donations sent up from Uniting Church parishioners throughout South Australia and Victoria.


And the sun was soon warm enough for the big crowd to enjoy the town band and the Devonshire Tea dished up by the Girl Guides under the long-time chaperoning by Sue Ride. Scouts worked on a food stall (at right).


The Quilting Club provided a beautiful display.


Business people around town kicked in their usual generous contributions to the chocolate wheel (at top), including vouchers and goods.




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  1. John Bell
    Posted August 12, 2019 at 11:54 am

    To Mary and Sue and staff and all the wonderful people who make the Old Timers a beautiful place.
    You have a great big loving heart and a good soul.
    The world is a better place for your caring.

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