Ahhh, buffel grass, no buffel grass, no cattle industry. If …

Comment on Invasive buffel grass soon part of international focus by Ranger.

Ahhh, buffel grass, no buffel grass, no cattle industry. If buffel is so integral to providing cattle feed, what were cattle eating in central Australia prior to buffel’s introduction in the 1960s?
Forget maintaining a healthy and bio-diverse ecosystem in a way, relevant and proven in this desert environment – as long as cows have buffel to eat!

Recent Comments by Ranger

Native Title threatens cattle land development: NFF
The story heading should be: “Cattle land development is a mono-industry, reliant on huge amounts of water per beast, introduced noxious weeds for feed, land locks massive portions of country for the economic benefit of a few, eliminates potential for other industry development, ruins plants and species biodiversity, increases drought conditions, destroys country” etc etc…

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
The Town Council lacks leadership? Someone get Jacinta [Price] on the phone to steady this sinking ship!
There is no cultural need for the gallery / museum to be built south of The Gap, other than motivations by a couple of people at the helm to utilise the DKA/ILUA site.
If there were cultural reasons couldn’t the same premise be used for say, the CLC offices, town library the old IAD, Araluen / Strehlow Centre etc, etc?

Councillors send message to Jacinta Price
@ Helen Parkes: Jacinta Price has done nothing but sing, literally. No record of note in remote policy implementation, program management, programs with women, children or families at risk, prisons, substance abuse etc etc etc. Regardless of political persuasion, surely you see that?
If you call singing kids songs with Yamba experience in the bush, then lets remember all that (+ her business exploits) are paid for by the tax payer / Indigenous grants and that’s hardly the gut-busting work needed in the areas you speak of.
You Jacinta supporters really need to do some self reflection and ask, what has she really done? Name us the initiatives, perhaps? The self-glorifying speaking tour? Social media battles?

Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill
Cath, Patto, Jimmy and crew at the council are all motoring on, reliably focused on good little wins and outcomes in the community.
Only one yet to produce anything aside a whole bunch of talk is Nambayamba.

Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill
David – Spot on mate! One flag, that represents us a… errrr, hang on – you mean the one with the Union Jack…?
I guess that means it represents *gasp* The United Kingdom?

What in god’s name does that have to do with this country, in 2019? How is that representative of ‘the whole nation’ as you put it?

The only flag we should be debating flying is the one representing the UK!

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