100% James, although I doubt the guards from the adult …

Comment on ‘Disgust’ at site choices for youth detention facilities by Ray.

100% James, although I doubt the guards from the adult jail would want to assist following the disgusting way they were treated by the Royal Commission.

Recent Comments by Ray

Crims terrorise Gillen, three cops attacked
“It is not acceptable to assault police …”
Could not agree more, however the courts seem to keep accepting it. Why not minimum 12 months mandatory sentence? Just imagine the bleating from CAALAS and NAAJA if that was talked about.

Newmont gold mine: Aboriginal jobs, still trying
I wonder how it would go if the royalties are distributed to each language group dependent on the percentage of employees from each group.
If anybody says they believe the current royalty system is benefiting anybody in these communities (apart from new cars), I would quote Darrell Kerrighan and “tell ’em they’re dreamin”.

No Medevac when climate disaster starts
I wonder if the good doctor actually knows the power that is already generated by the solar installations in Alice Springs, both on private homes and in various solar installations at the Uterne facility and others just off the highways.
I wonder if he has heard of the Yarra Climate Action group or travelled through the SA coastline to see all the horrible looking wind farms that (spoil) dot the landscape.
It is very easy to join the mass hysteria of saying the government doing nothing without understanding what the government is actually doing, what the private sector is doing, and what the private sector is doing with the assistance of the government.
Can we do more? Quite possibly. However, the bucket of money is only so big, where does he suppose the funding comes from? Education, health, policing, national security, social services?
As a NATO Medic and MD, he is obviously intelligent. However, what is his expertise in Australian politics, alternative energy or climate sciences?
His current qualifications make him about as qualified as Beyoncé (pictured below) to lecture us on this topic.



When 20% royalties shrivel to as little as 1%
Alex, you need to know how to interpret the legislation, sometimes in what is not written. You cannot complain that the government is acting unconstitutionally.
The constitution says the Federal Government HAS THE POWER to make laws for good government.
Nothing says they have to exercise that power or whose interpretation of good we are required to abide by.
Their interpretation just has to be different to yours. Ask any government if they believe the laws they are passing lead to good government, or course they do.
We can’t be getting ripped off if the big corporates have broken no tax laws and are acting lawfully.

Street kids: What cops can do
@ DY: No, not quite. Nobody is making Aboriginal people adopt white culture.
What is occurring is a call for those who wish to take advantage of all that a modern community has to offer, they need to comply with the rules that community has in place.
Much like various Aboriginal nation communities had their own societal rules, those living in an Australian town also have rules that define expected behaviour.
Break the rules, suffer the consequences.
The answer is really simple, if you do want to live in a town and society, you abide by their rules, if not go and enjoy another area where your behaviours are accepted.
Just trying to provide a courteous response to your incredibly racist and offensive comment.

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