IGAs are much needed necessities to the function of this …

Comment on Bottle shop cops need to be brought into line: local chain by Michael Liddle.

IGAs are much needed necessities to the function of this wonderful town that is sadly being ripped apart by the ever growing effect and impact of alcohol.
What Peter Holden and Sally McMartin have to acknowledge here is that people do use the IGAs to do shopping – food shopping, that is.
Getting alcohol from these places has to stop if the town is to improve and make a point.
Remove the PALIs, well, then remove the sale of alcohol and see how much more people start using the IGAs for shopping.
I am very confident that you will see an increased flow of traffic who are there getting food and other products that the IGAs sell.
I’m not joking!

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Film short on answers for trouble in the streets
@ Kim Hooper: Your response is exactly correct. The film doesn’t provide any form of direction. All it does is pump up Children’s Ground’s square tyres.

Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up
We don’t live and breathe in other towns, people, this is Alice Springs. What’s your solution?

Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up
Out of control is what it is. Where does the blame lie?
Alice Springs has an Aboriginal problem, [people] who have no regard for western rules or property in the municipal area of Alice Springs. It’s also got a bigger problem with Aboriginal youth criminal behaviour which is now just not acceptable! Good people like doctors, lawyers and employees who work in the Aboriginal services industry, providers of fast food shops, their properties are being broken into by thoughtless careless actions.
Churches are being broken into for what? This is a place of calmness and healing.
The Aboriginal medical service is being broken into, they provide care for sick Aboriginal people. All these entities that provide services to Aboriginal people for the benefit of the society of Alice Springs are being treated like shit and laughed upon after he/she has done the crime!
Right now these Aboriginal kids have no understanding of feelings, what is wrong and what is right, what is good and what is bad.
Ask them why and they will shrug the shoulders and say: “I don’t know.”
Go to the prison and talk to the young juveniles in the centre and ask them “where is your father?” He will reply: “He is next door in the big jail.”
Not all but a most of them.
Ask him where is your brother, he is in the big jail! Ask him where is his uncle, he is in the big jail, ask him where is his cousin he will reply, he is in the big jail!
Ask him is there any man in your life who you like to sit down and talk with, when you are happy or when you are sad, he will say no.
Ask him who is the closest to him in his family and he will reply, my nanna. Why your nanna? Because she gives me food and money!
So the true talk is that there is not a male who is around to provide a positive influence on this young male’s life. No male to give him good advice, only the male who has led him away from listening and led him astray and danced with him straight into the courthouse.
Does anyone come and visit you while you are in jail? No, no-one comes and visits us, no family!
This problem can only be fixed by the Aboriginal man and the Aboriginal man has to have an understanding and knowledge of “who’s who in the zoo!”
Please don’t reply with an anonymous name and bag out a fact, add to the conversation with an outpoint for a action to attempt to try and contain this sad plight and make people understand that this is a generation of identity that will be lost and Alice Springs will not recover from this unfruitful plight on its timeline.

Man robbed, but wait, there’s so much more on FB
The people of Alice Springs have to start defending and start accepting that these kids behaviour isn’t accepted here in Alice Springs no more. If we see someone in trouble in a shop or on a street tell them no, go away! Stick up for your fellow constituent of Alice Springs whether it be black, white,Indian, whatever race.
The people of Alice Springs have to be united in this terrible time of sadness for us people of Alice Springs.If you see kids loitering and looking ask them “what are you kids up to?” Go away, there is nothing for you here and it doesn’t belong to you! Ask them and tell them!
There’s not a great deal of this happening and the people of Alice Springs need to start getting behind each other to rid this town of this unsightly behaviour that is creating all sorts of trouble. Let’s stick up for one another and rid this town of this parasite behaviour, bring in the task force and bring in the dogs because this has gone too far!!!

CAAMA must show why it shouldn’t be under administration
This story is about CAAMA and ORIC. People keep on bringing in other people which are really no concern to the Aboriginal people of Central Australia.

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