I’m sick and tired of getting humbugged, dodging drunks at …

Comment on Bottle shop cops need to be brought into line: local chain by Karen.

I’m sick and tired of getting humbugged, dodging drunks at the back of the TAB seeing them urinate by people’s cars.
I let the officer at the Coles outlet know and it gets sorted – sad to say but we need the PALIs.

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Police gets street parking, cops’ private cars in compound
I don’t agree with this new parking line up. I think its very rude and arrogant of Town Council and police to have this to themselves.
It’s hard enough to get a park close by especially when the underground car park at Alice Plaza lowered their height. The council needs to address this issue.

Another great river tree goes up in flames
Quite a few years ago a fire was deliberately lit (eastern end, the culprit was caught) along Ross River and burned its way towards the rear of the race course.
Most of the large old gums were destroyed but were also homes to our beautiful black cockies – for months after on dusk you could hear the stress when they came to their trees and were still confused as nesting sites were gone.
It’s something I will never forget, eventually they moved on but I miss them when they had their trees, their carry ons for the best spot until they settled for the night.

Youth crime: compassion alone is no solution
Erwin, great article.
Doesn’t matter what anyone tries, how much tax payers money is spent, nothing changes, maybe the bleeding hearts should take these children into their homes.
Yes, you are correct in saying that a lot of people are leaving because of crime.
We will be one of those families, fed up.

Soy sauce now only from a bottlo
No wonder we have become the laughing stock of the WORLD – yes, sack who ever came up with this STUPID idea. The intelligence level is zero. Why is commonsense not used anymore?

Lambley: Another government backflip?
Yea, my comment was “What Tha” when I heard about the turf club, I thought NT was broke, then I thought there must be a personal reason for such a ridiculous spend of money.

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