I’m a little confused here. Is the issue the racial …

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I’m a little confused here. Is the issue the racial or the profiling?
I am white, possibly by selecting the wrong parents, nevertheless I am pretty sure I’m not allowed to send my kids to Yirara College.
I need two permits to drive to WA via the great central road to be allowed to go more than x metres off the road or camp along the drive. Says a lot about caring about driver fatigue.
Am I allowed in the renal clinic on Gap Road?
If I had selected different parents, I would be allowed to do these things.
So what is different? What, really is the go here people?

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Police seek public assistance following assault
@ James T Smerk: Also James, I note it says “group” but does not specify or estimate how many. Then there is mention of two of the group.
Perhaps we can all start carrying some protection. But then the police will argue excessive force. Whereas if they said a Group of 20, then it may be deemed reasonable force.
Political correctness and protection of the statistics is a wonderful thing, whereas public safety is not.
I’ll take my chances with carrying protection, I think.

We won’t be there for His Royal Highness
I wonder why he is coming and how much is it costing us?
Who are the town leaders? This is a genuine question!
Is the pic of a TO using traditional hunting paraphernalia?

Qantas boss earns 270 times the national average
@ Psuedo Guru: Who really cares what Alan Joyce EARNS? Note “earns” is in caps for a reason. Is it really relevant?
Think about this though, if he didn’t perform, he would be out of a job. Unlike a lot of the government workers, he has to deliver and it is measured.
Anyone who has worked in a high risk and high profile position will understand what I mean. For those who want to complain, try walking in his shoes.
QANTAS is a listed company on the ASX and must show returns for the shareholders. If they don’t he is gone.
The NT Government, on the other hand, paid for by the public, ineffective, over budget, sending us broke, killing tourism, unpopular, expensive to run and we still vote them in.
Get some perspective, people!
NT tourism suffering has no real relationship to Alan Joyces wage. IF QANTAS found it viable to fly here they would. Perhaps if people stopped supporting Tiger and or any other budget airline things may be different.
Furthermore, it is unrealistic to expect a private company to put themselves in a position where they will lose money.
I don’t understand why people think they have the right to demand this?
If you don’t like QANTAS, find an alternative.

Police gets street parking, cops’ private cars in compound
Interesting comment from the council “to assist the police in their role for our community”.
By that I am assuming they mean the parking in Parsons Street. If the police were actually out fighting crime, the cars wouldn’t be there, so this doesn’t make sense at all.
Furthermore as it’s the taxpayers that pay for the police, the council and the parking areas for that matter (via taxes) perhaps the priority for the parking should be given to the taxpayers.
I am disappointed by the justification by the council. At least give us a credible explanation, please.

Gillard lecture seeks to start Aboriginal suicide debate
Whilst suicide is a horrible outcome of desperation for ANYBODY, I am left wondering why people keep saying Aboriginal people are “disadvantaged”.
From where I see it we all have a hand in making a better lives for ourselves.
There are many many well educated and respected Aboriginal people around us.
It always seems so easy to blame the system or white man when things don’t work out the way we want. (Surely a racist sentiment.)
I see that monumental resources and amounts of money are allocated to the Aboriginal population with little positive outcomes.
Perhaps it is that these disadvantaged people need to also help themselves, respect them themselves and respect others.
I would cringe to know how much money is allocated including royalties and any other money versus measurable outcomes.
I hear people say that there are too many Aboriginal people in gaol. If it’s fact, it’s true, it’s not a race issue. It’s a simple formula: Don’t break the law and you won’t end up in gaol.
Keep hanging on to the past and things will never get better.

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