OK, so compassion is, in itself, not a solution. But …

Comment on Youth crime: compassion alone is no solution by Justin Tutty.

OK, so compassion is, in itself, not a solution. But neither is detailing offences and blaming parents.
Here’s the thing: The Guardian article didn’t claim to present solutions. Yours does, but instead indulges blunt justification of the status quo.
If you, or the Minister, were genuinely interested in solving, rather than excusing, youth injustice, the first port of call would be the Royal Commission into detention and protection of children in the Northern Territory.

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US marines in Darwin could drag Australia into war
Hi James, not sure what you mean, but the alliance doesn’t require us to join the USA’s attack formation and support their various foreign invasions.
The alliance treaty says the signatories will “consult together” and “act to meet the common danger”.
That falls short of defending one another, and certainly goes nowhere towards supporting one another’s wars of adventure.
Australia can – and should – resist participation in any non-strategic foreign invasions mounted by the USA (such as the illegal invasion of Iraq) without jeopardising the broader alliance.
However, the presence of foreign war bases makes that impossible, in the likely eventuality that USA war machines are deploying from their bases on Aussie soil to a conflict we want no part of. In that scenario, we would be unavoidably implicated in whatever conflict they are deploying to, or seeking sanctuary from, via Aussie bases.

Fracking interim report: Two bob each way?
Hi Graeme, did you read the interim report? It acknowledges significant issues and knowledge gaps around fugitive methane emissions.
Hi Dave, Fracking the NT for international export has nothing to do with the energy bills of cold pensioners.

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