Erwin, this is such a hatchet job. Compassion vs solutions …

Comment on Youth crime: compassion alone is no solution by Karen Elliat.

Erwin, this is such a hatchet job.
Compassion vs solutions is a false binary – you can have both. And if compassion drove a bit more of our public policy then I think we’d be in a far better place.
Your simplistic reduction of the complexities to parental neglect is problematic and I would think also quite racist in that you’re just perpetuating a particular trope that is run out regularly in the NT and across Australia.
Aboriginal families love and care for their kids as much as any other families. However some families face huge barriers due to poverty and a range of intersecting disadvantages.
Your blind spots are deeply worrying for someone with the platform that you have.

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Jacinta Price spits dummy
Jacinta is such a bully. I am glad to see her true colours on show and I hope the public vote against her in the upcoming election.
Her behaviour is immature and painful to observe. She causes real harm.

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