Mandatory voting is in itself an infringement of one’s freedom. …

Comment on ‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’ by Interested Darwin Observer.

Mandatory voting is in itself an infringement of one’s freedom. And what is more important than freedom? It is the one true human right.
Those who choose not to vote are exercising an (illegal) right that should be respected.
Perhaps some people realise that Government is not the be-all and end-all. It is just a bureaucracy.
People can run their own “government” and their own lives within their own family home and community.
“Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others,” said Winston Churchill.

Recent Comments by Interested Darwin Observer

Alice students fire up for climate action
How many of these kids would turn up if the Rally was held on a Saturday? Its not hard to get kids excited about missing a school day.
Shame on the parents who don’t value school attendance.

Qantas boss earns 270 times the national average
It’s called capitalism. You can always buy stocks in the company and vote against pay rises and so forth.
Qantas “owes” the NT tourism sector nothing.
Point the finger instead at the under achieving, completely incompetent, unqualified and inexperienced minister for tourism – Lauren Moss.
Her claim to fame is being the youngest ever NT Parliamentarian not for actually achieving anything in her portfolio!
Unlike Alan Joyce who keeps getting contract renewals, pay rises and keeps the company making (record level) money, Minister Moss will soon be out of a job.

Police gets street parking, cops’ private cars in compound
Alice Springs Town Council freely giving up the public’s car parking reminds me of the free pass that successive Federal governments have been given when ramming legislation of “national security” through Parliament.
There really is no need for the council to prioritise this parking to police. It is a nuisance to the public.
Also, the parks often have unmarked police cars.

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
No one in their right mind believe these guys could deliver a project of this significance.
Dale Wakefield, Lauren Moss and Michael Gunner will certainly be on the list of the unemployable. Generally cushy jobs and consultancy positions become available to ex pollies, but the complete ineptitude of this trio will no doubt leave them jobless once they are booted from office next year.
In the last three years they have achieved NOTHING.

Rules for outback work travel may catch some out
So not even the regulator can reasonably manage all the bureaucracy they impose?

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