Well said, Interested Darwin Observer. Stop mandatory voting. If people are …

Comment on ‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’ by Phil Danby.

Well said, Interested Darwin Observer.
Stop mandatory voting. If people are not interested in voting so be it.
Also stop preferences. One vote for one candidate.
This should apply to both State and Federal elections.

Recent Comments by Phil Danby

Sacred sites authority mum on Melanka trees
When Probuild we’re engaged to demolish Melaka around 2004, a clearance from the controlling body at the time was provided.
That clearance indicated three trees to be sacred or significant.
Those trees were marked with coloured tape, fences erected and protected during the demolition.
One tree on the corner of the site closest to the old Memo, from memory another opposite the 24hr, and the third my memory escapes me.

‘Big Council’ needed in times of trouble
We should have larger councils (shires) that report directly to the Federal Government.
We must be the over governed country in the developed world.
It’s ridiculous we require state governments to govern 25 million people.
Just halting duplication would save millions let alone the cost of infrastructure and salaries required for state governments.
While we’re at it, let’s scrap compulsory voting, scrap preference votes, and tick one box on voting papers for your preferred party.
Hold a referendum on political correctness.
It shouldn’t be difficult.

Cooling streets: Bath St median strip top priority?
I don’t know the height of mature trees ($7,000 to $8,000 each), the article suggests no height.
In my experience and depending on the height, these trees will require support until the root system matures enough to provide that support. Usually supported by cables attached to a anchors at ground level for several months.
I wonder how this will be achieved.
Maybe that smaller trees be used with a tree ring to protect them from vandalism until they reach maturity.

Offenders bailed to ‘country’: An option, says police
We have to start and address the issues. Graeme Hockey’s banding would be a great step in the right direction, with mandatory time lines and fines as suggested. Keep it from the lawyers and judges.
And bailed to country: Just give it a try, nothing ventured nothing gained.

New youth justice regime gets busy
I spoke to a judge after reading this article.
I would strongly suggest the three women highly experienced in youth work who were talking with two journalists, get immediate legal advice on what is and what is not legal in relation to under age children having sex, especially as it would appear its accepted within a government run establishment.
The law is the law no matter what culture you use to interpret it.

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