There is another way you could vote … with your …

Comment on ‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’ by Richard Prisgrove.

There is another way you could vote … with your feet!
I too became totally dismayed with the ever increasing bigotry and racism, having lived nearly all my life in Alice Springs. So I packed up the family and left.
Did that a little over 30 years ago now and haven’t looked back.
Has lots of benefits that come with feet-voting as well: salaries, services and facilities are on the whole better outside the Territory. As are less stressors, less narrow-mindedness and less discrimination, to mention but a few.
Additionally, costs of travel, living and access to current medical facilities are so much improved by voting with your feet.
Too easy; just vote with your feet.

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Alice in spin land
Little curious to know why the above diatribe needed airing in such detail some decade after the event?
Add to this, while visiting the Alice some four years ago and having an enjoyable time at the Alice Springs show, my wife and I were handed a show bag and delivery expressing the virtues that the time was right for the Northern Territory to become a State of Australia.

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