Good on Cr Matt Paterson for having the balls to …

Comment on Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill by LocalCentralian.

Good on Cr Matt Paterson for having the balls to vote in favour of flying the flag in previous votes and good on Cr Cathy Satour for proposing it. The sky was never going to fall in and thankfully, being reasonable won over being regressive.

As a councillor who seems to increasingly sit in the middle ground, he will be one to watch in future elections I think…

Glad to finally see the Tories recognising that the writing is on the wall on this issue and despite their voting history, that they were standing on the wrong side of history on this one. Except for Price. She bailed again.

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Lambley: Another government backflip?
This letter oozes with hypocrisy.
First things first, this problem with carparking at the hospital is a problem now just like it was two years ago when you were the Minister for Health in the previous CLP government and the number two in that Government.
You literally had the resources and the position to fix it and instead you didn’t and now your winging that it isn’t fixed! Frankly, Robyn, I would be cautious of throwing stones considering the fragility of your own glasshouse on this one.

Price bombs out in the bush
Having finally had the time to take a look at the AEC website and the bush vote it really does appear that the CLP have been in freefall for pretty much all of the bush and even in certain parts of the NT.
It seems even more surprising given the CLP did actually get out there to many of those locations as well, well at least according to the Bush Telegraph.
Being a bit curious about this, I asked a few Aboriginal friends about their views and their answers were simple.
Bush Communities and the urban Aboriginal Community of the towns severely dislike Jacinta Price and they severely dislike her family.
A lot of this seems to cropped up long before the election as well, although all those Sky News interviews and trying to stop the Flag on ANZAC Hill doesn’t seem to have left remote communities with much trust in her looking after their best interests.
At first I thought this might be some different mob mentality about other mobs (as can be the case sometimes) but one of them told me she was crushed in Yuendumu and the Walpiri areas as well and on checking the mobile team results, I can see they were dead right.
It’s really not a good sign when even your own extended family in Aboriginal culture won’t vote for you and I would say the CLP will be very quietly considering whom to run as a different alternative to next time.
Especially given the tumultuous nature of the candidate, along with the childish refusal to admit she lost. It seems all the big noting and grand standing in the world means nothing without substance and hard work.
So on that note, it now begs the question of armchair politicos, with Price resoundly beaten and never likely to ever gain the swing she needs to win in either the towns or the Bush of the NT, who will the CLP be thinking of to take the reins at the next Federal Election?
Could it be Senate Ticket Number 2 and son-in-Law of Alice Springs Mayor, young Joshua Burgoyne?
I for one, will be eager to see, when we start getting murmors about it in another two years.

Jacinta Price spits dummy
Finally the public are cottoning onto the fact that she has literally achieved nothing in her life of any useful significance: How does being a kids TV show voiceover and a washed out country music singer qualify you for being a Federal Minister?
She has failed to bring home the bacon for the NT in the election with all our problems.
Most importantly for anyone who knows her through work or council, she is simply unable to professionally work with other people without rubbing them the wrong way, which is kind of important in politics if you wanna get literally anything done.
There is also the inconvenient fact that the vast majority of community mob out bush severely dislike or hate her and simply will not listen to her so I reckon she’s got about a snowball’s chance in hell fixing all those Aboriginal issues.
I reckon she’s a paper tiger who’s tapped into desperate gullible locals sick and tired of all the social issues we got here in the NT and telling them exactly what they wanna hear with making any form of measurable commitment in terms of what she’s campaigned on.
Another hot air bullshit artist in the making, I reckon.

Motion carried for former Prime Minister, Jacinta Price to pay for council party
Oh John you flatter me. Although I do long for younger years again even if I wouldn’t do it differently.
But to get straight to the point. The feelings of humour are equally reciprocated regarding your assertion that despite an obvious conflict of interest and a sudden random anonymous donation to make it all go away popping up just before the motion, that it wouldn’t somehow be in the public’s interest to know what really happened. Especially when their money was used for extremely questionable political purpose.
That’s suspicious by any measure.
And for the sake of the record I wasn’t drawing conclusions about the Alice Springs town council leadership and the leaders of WW2. To be candid, I’m a touch baffled as to how you managed to delineated that from my comment but it’s besides the point.
The point is, elected local officials should not be using public money for Federal political aspirations and they shouldn’t be covering things up when they get caught. End of story.

Price, Turnbull should pay for town council function: Cr Banks
That seems fair enough.
Local rate payers shouldn’t be paying for private political agendas and quite frankly, Jacinta and DeBrenni should have known better that this was going to blow up in their faces.
Between the fist fights in public, the breaking of rules regarding use of public funds for private purpose and teaming up with Mark Latham, this does not bode well for future behaviour of this woman should she end up elected.

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