Cath, Patto, Jimmy and crew at the council are all …

Comment on Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill by Ranger.

Cath, Patto, Jimmy and crew at the council are all motoring on, reliably focused on good little wins and outcomes in the community.
Only one yet to produce anything aside a whole bunch of talk is Nambayamba.

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Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill
David – Spot on mate! One flag, that represents us a… errrr, hang on – you mean the one with the Union Jack…?
I guess that means it represents *gasp* The United Kingdom?

What in god’s name does that have to do with this country, in 2019? How is that representative of ‘the whole nation’ as you put it?

The only flag we should be debating flying is the one representing the UK!

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Gunner says fresh talks about gallery at Anzac Hill precinct
Mparntwe does not mean ‘meeting place for ceremony visitors’, lol.

Where does your patriline take you? Why are you speaking about the Peltharre/Kngwarraye anyenhenge of Mparntwe? Don’t you guys come from Penangke/Pengarte ancestors of Ntulye? Which Peltharre/Kngwarraye ancestors do you descend from? There is a reason the Stevens family are apmere-ke artweye, they have an unbroken patriline (no European ancestry) to the Peltharre/Kngwarraye ancestors who inhabited Alice Springs, well before Europeans arrived. Utnerrengatye-ke artweye, Akngwelye-ke artweye.

CAAMA must show why it shouldn’t be under administration
Once upon a time CAAMA was an icon that produced language and cultural materials like Nganampa Anwernekenhe and many other docos and films that told the stories of Central Australia.
Unfortunately, over the last many years CAAMA failed to hold onto those roots, which made it special, and merely became a competition radio station for 96.9, Triple J, ABC NT etc etc.
There doesn’t appear to have been any focused effort to maintain what distinguished CAAMA from the rest: Languages and culture.
As an aside, the programming needs to reflect the trends and music of today – no-one wants to drive to work on a Monday morning listening to old-country-drinkers-tunes! Leave them for the Saturday arvo slot!

Cattlemen ask: Where’s our drought aid?
All evidence points to animal agriculture as having a direct influence on increasing drought conditions.
Cattle require huge amounts of water to keep alive and noxious weeds (buffel) to feed.
What exactly are we doing running huge numbers of cattle in the desert?
Most stations are now monocultures of buffel grass or bulldust and eliminate other potential economic activity because of the sheer size of these stations.

Cattlemen ask: Where’s our drought aid?
Drought aid: reduce stock numbers.
Q for Mr Manicaros: How many litres of water per beast, per year?

Now that the Rock can’t be climbed, visiting it will cost more
Tourists have been dropping off for years.
It costs a fortune to get here, hotels charge like wounded bulls and are fit with late 70s decor, WiFi connectivity is dodgy AND you have to pay for it, there are no pools with day parties raging with dance music and cheap booze (see Bali), our national parks are full of cattle and buffel grass that breed up the fly-swarms, lack of tourism products coupled with often poor customer service in retail, and social issues and safety act as a deterrent.
Is the closure of The Rock climb or gate entry price hikes really causal to our tourism woes? In the big scheme of things, likely not.

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