In 2016 IPAN held its national conference in Alice Springs …

Comment on Authorities underrated risk to Pine Gap, Alice of a nuclear strike by Annette Brownlie.

In 2016 IPAN held its national conference in Alice Springs marking the 50th anniversary of the agreement between Australia and US to host the Pine Gap facilities.
IPAN arranged a meeting with Alice Springs local government representatives where the question was asked about contingency emergency preparations in the event a superpower war threatened.
The response was not reassuring as it seems there is no plan.
Tom Gilling’s book is an important reminder of the wholesale devastation that would be caused at the sites where Australia hosts US military and intelligence gathering facilities.
This now must include Darwin.
IPAN campaigns for an independent foreign policy and total nuclear disarmament.
IPAN calls on the Australian government to sign the UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons.

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