Further information about Pine Gap can be found in Brian …

Comment on Authorities underrated risk to Pine Gap, Alice of a nuclear strike by Nick Deane.

Further information about Pine Gap can be found in Brian Toohey’s new book “Secret. The Making of Australia’s Security State.”
The more I read, the more I am convinced that the Australian government continues to lead us towards something other than the peaceful future that ordinary people want and deserve.

Recent Comments by Nick Deane

War on Iran must be prevented
I would like to compliment Alice Springs News for its journalistic integrity in this matter! World peace is hugely important and recent events have brought it to the fore. To see aspects of the matter being openly debated in your paper is most refreshing – and in sharp contrast to what is being printed in the press in Sydney.
Meanwhile, I support and cheer on Mr Pilbrow’s efforts.

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
One question that might be worth considering is this:-
“Do Australians feel more, or less, safe now – than they did seven years ago, when the US marines first arrived?”
For my part, I sense that we have moved closer to war and I notice that China is being identified as the enemy with increasing frequency.
So I feel less safe than I did in 2012. We have got US aggression (exemplified by the presence of US Marines) to thank for the precarious situation we are now in. It is time to re-assess the value of the US Alliance.

Pine Gap: wake-up call for Alice Springs
An excellent article – not pulling any punches. I share Kieran Finnane’s concerns about having a base like Pine Gap on Australian soil, in particular with regard to its impact on Australia’s independence. Clearly, the exhibition is raising awareness about Pine Gap and what it does and stands for. Congratulations for publishing the item.

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