An ideal opportunity to take a position against identity politics. …

Comment on Cr Banks misses out on Deputy Mayor, Cr Paterson returned by Interested Darwin Observer.

An ideal opportunity to take a position against identity politics. No need to compare the gender of the candidates. It is irrelevant for the functioning of the council.

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Country Liberals should not feed the rumour mill
Should the Government, through getting the hell out of the way, not encourage that competition drive the product cost and not bureaucratic red tape?
Surely the Government should be trying to reduce the cost of living for its citizens rather than inflating them with floor prices. That’s what capitalism is all about.
Or does that not work in with the socialist business model?
The rest of the country as a whole can consume and do business in the alcohol industry like grown ups, but here in the NT we must be treated like children, or perhaps North Korean underlings. The issue is the welfare system not alcohol.
Spend some of your tax payer funded time on that issue perhaps? What decrease in alcohol consumption would occur if money not earned did not exist?

CLP candidates: Representing you or their party?
Beverley: I think there are more than a few reasons why we don’t have a solar car industry in the NT. Here are a few.
• Domestic solar cars don’t yet exist (unless you include a small Hyundai with token panels to run the accessories).
• NT has no workforce capable of this industry.
• NT has no efficient supply chain for this industry.
• NT is not a safe environment for massive private investment required to establish this industry.
I think we would be better served by having realistic and achievable goals from our government.

Little progress with $64m management system for trouble kids
The question is, will this be more successful or less successful the the Labor Government’s Asset Management System from 10 odd years ago that cost $70m only for it to be scrapped as it was not fit for for purpose and was going to blow out to near $200m.
Given that this government is arguably even more useless than the Henderson era government it’s not looking promising.
Can I suggest that $64m instead be spent on front line services and infrastructure so that the somewhat homeless kids have somewhere safe to be taken to in the night and are not on the streets?

Council’s ambitious solar plan: 100% of what?
Tim, Maybe a smarter question is, why is the council wasting the public’s funds on these socialist crusades?

Lambley: Gunner Government gives away $5m youth camp
Chansey Paech? Never heard of him…

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