Question: Was Cr Banks’s attendance at the Australian Local Government …

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Question: Was Cr Banks’s attendance at the Australian Local Government Women’s Association Annual Conference in Sydney funded by the rate payer?
If so, what an absolute waste.

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What will business say to Gunner about the economy?
Top Tip: Stop employing public servants who live interstate. Employ people that actually live here. Remote workers do nothing for the NT economy or population!
Also, perhaps try a zero based budget. That way all the recurrent waste can be eliminated and all the bureaucratic cost which have no measurable benefit for the public can be scrutinised and thrown out.
If the public were aware of the immense waste on items such as politically correct, achieve nothing “training” sessions and other various programs for public servants, you would be all mortified.

Gas and solar: Still uneasy bedfellows
PoliticoNT: The whole point here is that fluctuating renewable resources when spread across a geographically vast area and are of various types and have surplus capacity will negate the need for existing high carbon base load technology.
When it is windy in Newcastle it may not be windy in Perth, but if Newcastle could supply Perth during these times than all is well.
Would require massive investment into the grid and renewable capacity though.
Maths, science and atmospheric chemistry are not the issue here. Economics is.

Gas and solar: Still uneasy bedfellows
Certainly, diversifying renewable power sources (wind, solar, tidal, thermal, hydro etc) is a key element to bringing down the barriers of “base load”.
Australia is fortunate in that our large geographical size means that Australia always has a multitude of weather patterns at any one time (with perhaps a bias towards hot and dry!)
By over producing power across a broad range of producers spread across our large continent we are able to do away with the need for expensive storage and polluting base load.
The wind is always blowing somewhere in the big country!

Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
Arunta Man, an impartial jury, being people who do not know Kumanjayi Walker, related to him, friends of his or his family or had otherwise any involvement in his life or the circumstances of his passing simply cannot be found in the small community of Yuendumu. Alice Springs could likely deliver this impartial jury.
The tax payer will certainly fund transportation and other costs for people who play a part in the trial.
This will be people who witnessed the incident and others who are called to give evidence.
Broader members of the community not involved in legal proceedings will have to cover their own cost as is the case in all such matters.
The defence team will have to cover the entirety of their own costs which are likely to be higher if held in Darwin than Alice Springs.
Specifying the religious, ethnic, cultural, education or other elements of the jury is not possible and nor should it.
The jury must simply be an impartial representation of the community which will capture a broad range of people from a wide range of backgrounds.
Indigenous people enrolled may very likely form part of the group randomly called upon to perform their civic duty.
Your sentiments towards Lhere Artepe are shared by many.

Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
Kathy, do you honestly believe an impartial jury will be found at Yuendumu?
Or do you propose that a jury is bussed out to the community from another town or city? Both ideas are non starters.
What could reasonably be done however is the streaming of the open court sessions to either the Alice Springs court or to a location in Yuendumu. Sounds like a reasonable solution to a difficult situation.

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