Alex read my post. I said the “real science” not …

Comment on Council: yes to protecting NT drinking water from fracking, no to declaring a climate emergency by Philby.

Alex read my post. I said the “real science” not real scientists.
The science as collected by the UN socialists when reviewed by independent scientists shows no warming, no rapidly rising oceans, the evidence shows up the Marxist warming scam. Your post was somewhat unhinged, old chap.

Philby Also Commented

Council: yes to protecting NT drinking water from fracking, no to declaring a climate emergency
What an ignorant bunch of climate alarmist Marxists.
The real science shows there has been no warming and CO2 is harmless.
Rising sea levels is consistent with the rate of over 200 years and natural.
Pacific islands are not going under but in fact over 90% have grown in size.
Having a sand bar get washed away in a storm is natural.
This “emergency” statement is just hogwash from socialist fools.

Recent Comments by Philby

Curfew: What else could fix youth crime?
@ Ralph Ford: Well I suppose all the do gooders and activists can wear the blame.
But seriously all these dysfunctional families have to be brought to account either by communities or as you say Australian law.
After all we are all just Australians from different backgrounds.
None is more important than the other.We are here for the moment.
Respect is definitely a two way street and it starts at home.
Respect for your family your neighbours your country’s laws.
As I said, own the problem and fix it. We are not talking of capital punishment perhaps a bit of corporal punishment and psychology.

Alice students fire up for climate action
Do I read this right. 200 students plus 400 adults? Alice Springs has a population of 20,000 I read so 3% of the population are attempting to influence the 97% who went about their business. By the way the sign they carried has been proven by real independent scientists to be a pack of lies.

Council: push to declare climate emergency backfires
Quoting Flannery is hardly going to win people over.
I suggest all read Dr Roy Spencer’s reports on actual observations of climate rather than models which have proven to be very unreliable.
There is no emergency and this latest socialist push by alarmists is UN propaganda.
Open your minds and eyes. This reminds me of Hitler and his Nazi cultists and we know how that ended.

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