Seems Mr Thompson is expressing his views about what certain …

Comment on Online hate speech by leading tourism figure by David.

Seems Mr Thompson is expressing his views about what certain elements do at night by smashing windows etc.
The whole town is sick of it and businesses pay so much extra for insurance because of it.
Lock them up and throw away the key.
Nothing’s changed in 50 years with these people. The NT Government has no solution. And as for Southerners who comment and try to do something they have no idea of the problems faced here.
I don’t know of a real solution.
Excuses, excuses all the time from powers that be.

Recent Comments by David

Lucky the Town Council isn’t in the forestry business
I think the town council need to look at what trees it plants. They need to plant desert type trees in the desert not southern water loving trees.
While we’re talking about the town council what are they doing about noise from barking dogs? Nothing! All in isolation and nothing being done the NT.
It’s useless regarding implementation of dog barking laws. You know you’re in the NT because all you hear are dogs barking.
Doesn’t happen down south. Get your act together town council.
We pay your rates. Do the service you’re supposed to do.

COVID-19 ‘ignorance’ as large crowd attacks police
I said it before. NT Police could not control the violence and social breakdown that’s going on in this town even before COVID-19 and it will only get worse. Bring in the army now. As it will only become worse.

When online shopping could be a life saver
I went shopping again today, reluctantly at Coles. None are allowing home delivery service which I would rather have.
I am a home carer and I do not want to put my elderly mother at risk every time I have to shop but I can’t get what I need every day.
I also notice a hike in prices, totally unacceptable since fuel prices have dropped. Price gouging is rampant.
I put my mother’s health at risk going into shops with people not maintaining social distancing. Wake up people, it’s there to protect you!
I hate shopping these days because of this and major chain supermarkets don’t help by not offering a delivery service!

Big lay-offs at Lasseter complex
Casual staff are always first to go. No wonder they are not loyal to a employer always.
The Casino does not need to shut down. People need to be responsible for their own actions. Aboriginals included. But if the Casino expects loyalty from the locals then they need to support them.
Lately they have trimmed down the rewards program so much it’s not worth going and payouts seem a lot worse.
Look after your locals and they will look after you. This applies to the hotel area of the complex also.

Record NT debt: Gunner mum on collateral
Well all I can say is I didn’t vote that Chief Minister in.
We need another art gallery like a hole in the head.
Don’t need fracking.
And he has no real solution to the crime problem here in Alice.
As long as he’s north of the Berrimah Line no one cares down this way.
Don’t blame the Federal government for your dismal performance.They have enough problems of their own. The sooner Gunner is out of power the better.

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