This edifice is about 45kms out east along the Ross …

Comment on Cattle near national park tourist icon by Rod Moss.

This edifice is about 45kms out east along the Ross River highway.

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The elusive goal of deep shade in Alice
Hear, hear, Pip. It seems little or nothing has been learned or adapted from so many cultures that have not only maintained but flourished in locations not dissimilar to ours for centuries prior to industrialisation. I join your cry for tree health and the grand hope of public sunken gardens. We visit family in Deniliquin each year. Sure it’s blessed being on the banks of the Edwards River but more than a century ago, magnificent adjacent water gardens were created, surrounded now, by equally impressive trees that exemplify all that your thoughts might hope for.

Arrernte Mary and Jesus watch over Alice’s Catholics
The church dignitaries conducting the event deserve a mention.
Their eloquent well chosen words graced both the meaning of the imagery and of the collaborative efforts contributing to this major and enduring statement.

What would John Clarke have said?
Great reading. JC’s satire still sorely missed.
Occasionally visiting his hysterical take on popular verse never fails to revive my spirits.
Thanks for this biographical snippet. Is there a memorial plinth at Mt Abrupt?

Climate: Spreading the word across generations
Brilliant move, Erwin, inviting the students to address Rotarians. Some surely would have missed the recent stirring action in the Mall.

Desert Song: We are one and free
Wonderful and fitting review, Kieran.
The Desert Song Festival goes from strength to strength and has established itself as a high point on the town’s cultural calendar.
All plaudits to its visionary director, Morris Stuart, and the host of performers and assistants who brought these voices to fruition.

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