This is a tragedy for Aboriginal people and for Australia …

Comment on Gillard lecture seeks to start Aboriginal suicide debate by James.

This is a tragedy for Aboriginal people and for Australia in general.
There is still a long way to go bring Aboriginal people into their rightful place in Australian society.
There are some outstanding Aboriginal role models many of whom have come from Alice Springs.
However, better organised programmes and proper funding are required urgently to address the issue of Aboriginal suicide.
Human beings need hope, purpose, education, jobs and meaningful relationships to survive.
Thanks to Mark Smith for his succinct report.

Recent Comments by James

2020 poll: Can Territory Alliance be a political force?
A loose alliance of independents would have to seriously consider policies associated with objective costings if it hoped to win enough seats to govern in the 2020 Northern Territory election.
The serious issue of proactive economic development for the NT has to be a priority.
Specific, carefully thought out plans have to be offered to the electorate, which at present is very disillusioned.
General promises and allied criticism of other parties doesn’t offer anything of substance.
Part of that is a positive future for Aboriginal youth in the NT spelt out in detailed terms.
Loss of traditional culture makes it difficult for Aboriginal people to develop and identify with society in general.
Stories, myths, legends and spirituality are central to every culture and when they are lost then this impacts negatively.
When a society loses its culture then it will implode.
All politicians and would-be politicians in the coming NT election should study carefully Mark Smith’s dutifully considered article.

Unfinished business
It seems the CLP at this juncture doesn’t have any clearly thought through policies for this year’s election.
People need assurances that public issues need to be addressed and properly funded. The financial situation of the Northern Territory is an economic disaster with no-one proffering any viable solution.
Economic viability can only come from Canberra and given that the NT has only two Federal seats then the interest and commitment from Prime Minister Morrison will be low priority.
A truly clever leader needs to devise a series of plans that will publicly embarrass Canberra in a way that forces them to properly finance the needs of the Northern Territory.
Morrison is a kneejerk Prime Minister who will act quickly if caught out as happened to him with the bushfire situation.
This is a political game which Northern Territory politicians would do well to consider. This is comment on comment.

Hermannsburg Mission: questions of survival
One would have to say that in general the Lutheran missionaries who first came to Hermannsburg in 1877, given the era, were enlightened.
There were things done to suppress Aranda culture, which were perceived to some extent to be contrary to Christian teaching rightly or wrongly.
However, the Lutherans appreciated many aspects of traditional Aboriginal culture, especially the language.
Language is often said to be the core of any culture.
It was this attention to language by the Lutherans that contributed to the Aranda language not being lost.
In fact in the 1950s T G H Strehlow with the assistance of Aboriginal elders translated the Bible into Aranda.
As well the Lutherans encouraged the preservation of traditional crafts which has lasted.
When pastoralists wanted to acquire Hermannsburg land they were opposed by Pastor F W Albrect who saw such a presence as damaging to the mission and to Aboriginal culture.

2020 NT election: A hung Parliament is possible.
This is indeed a substantial analysis, probably as detailed as any of the analyses that will appear in the lead up to the Northern Territory election.
The political parties are likely to study this article very closely as they plan their strategy.
While votes and personalities are key to any election one asks what changes there will be for the better in the quality of life for the people of Northern Territory?
There is considerable ethnic frustration that is endemic and the question is what will the political parties actually do redress this serious issue?

CLP candidate Mayor puts demands to Labor CM
If the mayor is trying to make political capital out of a serious and desperate situation in Alice Springs then that is not a commendable thing to do when improving the quality of life for young people in the region is at stake.
If the CLP wants to really deal with the issue of youth crime then present to the electorate a fundamental plan to address this serious situation. Territory Labor needs to do the same.

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