Whilst suicide is a horrible outcome of desperation for ANYBODY, …

Comment on Gillard lecture seeks to start Aboriginal suicide debate by Surprised!.

Whilst suicide is a horrible outcome of desperation for ANYBODY, I am left wondering why people keep saying Aboriginal people are “disadvantaged”.
From where I see it we all have a hand in making a better lives for ourselves.
There are many many well educated and respected Aboriginal people around us.
It always seems so easy to blame the system or white man when things don’t work out the way we want. (Surely a racist sentiment.)
I see that monumental resources and amounts of money are allocated to the Aboriginal population with little positive outcomes.
Perhaps it is that these disadvantaged people need to also help themselves, respect them themselves and respect others.
I would cringe to know how much money is allocated including royalties and any other money versus measurable outcomes.
I hear people say that there are too many Aboriginal people in gaol. If it’s fact, it’s true, it’s not a race issue. It’s a simple formula: Don’t break the law and you won’t end up in gaol.
Keep hanging on to the past and things will never get better.

Recent Comments by Surprised!

Aggravated assault in Alice hospital
@ Ninti Papa: I am unsure why you would think that fact is racism.
This morning is was in Woolworths and saw about six Aboriginal kids come in, steal some items and run out of the shop.
They stopped in the breezeway, looked at the staff, lifted their middle fingers, laughed and ran off. The fact that I mentioned they were Aboriginal does not make me racist?
When I write in a advertisement “Aboriginal identified Position” aiming to discourage whites from applying, that is racist.
If I put “White people are strongly urged to apply” would that be OK?
Because I have seen many times “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are strongly urged to apply” so why is it OK like this?
Ninti Papa, you need to look up what racism is and what it means.
Stop hiding behind the word and stand up to your responsibilities as a human being.
I don’t care what colour people are, I just expect that everyone will adopt a similar code of morality, conduct and show respect for their fellow humans.

Shooting, not selling feral camels
My question is why is the BHP Foundation funding this? Surely this should be funded by royalty money? Is there enough paid already by mining monies?
When is enough enough?

Three killed in road crash
@ Chris: As harsh as it may seem Chris, the old saying “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” rings very true.

‘Sneaky’ Christmas present from Environment Minister
@ Michael McCauley: I think you’ll find it’s not about burning gas over coal, but the huge risks associated with fracking.
Contamination of the groundwater seems a big one.
In a place where people are not so reliant on groundwater (Alice Springs’s only source), it is even a higher risk.
So then we have the decision: Industry over life. We have no other source of water.

Crims terrorise Gillen, three cops attacked
The evidence is undeniable: It is OK to assault police, fellow citizens and to steal and wilfully damage property.
It must be OK because there is no penalty for doing so.

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