It is important to understand that this is the value …

Comment on Value of NT mineral production highest ever by Interested Darwin Observer.

It is important to understand that this is the value of goods and is no indication of production.
Given terribly low business confidence and the struggling manufacturing sector a great deal of this growth must be attributed to growing market prices.
Certainly major export commodities such as manganese has seen considerable growth in value over this period.
But again, as the NT Minister for Resources said recently: “I’m not a mining expert …”
You got that right minister, you are an electrical trade unionist.

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Government millions spent outside tender process
James Smerk, there are over 50 registered builders in Alice Springs.
Only about 10% of these are the “big boys”.
They run big companies, big fleets, pay big payroll tax to the NT coffers, and employ hundreds and hundreds of people and dozens of apprentices.
They sponsor about every sports team and other event you can poke a stick at.
Yes, I hope that those top few are profitable. Good on them for building a big home with their own sweat and blood.
Because there’s plenty of both in building. When its 45 degrees in the shade, and the blood? Building is a dangerous game.
$80,000 car? That’s a GXL Landcruiser. All the big builders in town have children. Landcruisers are a great family car.
But times are tough. The industry is in recession. There is next to no Government work except the work detailed in this article.
There is next to no private investment as people lack confidence to invest in the town.
Ed, good article.

Higgins to step down as Opposition Leader
CLP, start getting a few conversation starters out there.
Bring back open roads.
Commit to a zero based budget approach.
Commit to a proper functioning Freedom of Information process.
Commit to a thorough red tape slashing and legislation cutting agenda.
Commit to a well developed youth curfew plan.

A troubling snapshot of disadvantage
Saw several 6 to 8 year olds on the street this morning at 5am unaccompanied by a guardian or adult.
What hope do these children have?
Police and the various services must just be driving straight past these children. These children need protection – not ignoring.
The legislation exists to take these children home or to a safe place.
The legislation exists to get kids to school.
Step up and help these kids and the gap will narrow.

What will business say to Gunner about the economy?
Top Tip: Stop employing public servants who live interstate. Employ people that actually live here. Remote workers do nothing for the NT economy or population!
Also, perhaps try a zero based budget. That way all the recurrent waste can be eliminated and all the bureaucratic cost which have no measurable benefit for the public can be scrutinised and thrown out.
If the public were aware of the immense waste on items such as politically correct, achieve nothing “training” sessions and other various programs for public servants, you would be all mortified.

Gas and solar: Still uneasy bedfellows
PoliticoNT: The whole point here is that fluctuating renewable resources when spread across a geographically vast area and are of various types and have surplus capacity will negate the need for existing high carbon base load technology.
When it is windy in Newcastle it may not be windy in Perth, but if Newcastle could supply Perth during these times than all is well.
Would require massive investment into the grid and renewable capacity though.
Maths, science and atmospheric chemistry are not the issue here. Economics is.

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