Culling is the answer. When cattle are found in national …

Comment on Cattle in parks: Fences impractical, says department by Peter.

Culling is the answer. When cattle are found in national parks notify cattle stations and 24 hrs later shoot them. Pastoralists will soon start fencing.
Cattle are everywhere in our national parks, polluting streams eating rare and endangered plants. This must stop. Tourists are in a state of shock when they see the cattle in our parks.

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The drought isn’t the only worry on the land
The Cattlemen’s Association wonders why Aboriginal people don’t do more on leaseholder land.
The fact is that the TOs are outsiders on leased land.
They are often mere clients and customers of the cattle station owners who take advantage of them.
On just about every station you will find a store run by the station. The price of poor quality unhealthy food in those stores is astronomical. The profits would have to be immense.
The TOs have so little going for them and yet the association wants to remove even their right to have a say into the management of their traditional country.

Why taxpayers’ millions are spent: Don’t ask.
Very few residents are from the area, most from further South in the Pit Lands.
They are attracted by the flow of money but don’t live in Muti for long.
At any one time the population of the place is no more than 30 people.

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