Really! Why is this so surprising? She does nothing anyway, …

Comment on Councillors send message to Jacinta Price by Really!.

Really! Why is this so surprising? She does nothing anyway, just brings her negativity to all that oppose her.
Get rid off her, she’s only there, when she’s there, for her own selfish glorified reasons.

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Alice Prize: online but undaunted
What a beautiful piece of artwork.
To me, this artwork shows lots of unspoken love between a father and his daughter.
Congratulations and well done!

Concerns for lost man with dementia
Hi Erwin, can I ask, do we know if Danny Plain has now been found or is he still a missing person?
Hi “Really!!”: A police spokeswoman says: “Sadly, Mr Danny Plain has not been found.”

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
Ok, so here we go. People making all sorts of comments – you weren’t even there, you didn’t see it happen, so keep your ill informed comments and views to yourself … unless you were in that position how would you know how you would react?
Do you know that police officer? No you don’t, so please stop calling him a blackfella killer.
Would you mob be jumping on the band wagon if it was the other way around?
Blackfella killing a white police officer – yeah you ought to be ashamed of yourselves – talking up like you was there and witnessed what happened – how dare you – this police man is also someone’s husband, son, father, brother, nephew – obviously he has to live now with what has happened.
Give him a chance to tell his side of the story.
And yes its already been said – there will be an independent NT Coroners Investigation, so leave it to the experts you keyboard warriors!

Camps leader Shirleen Campbell, Local Hero
Woohoo!! Congratulations Shirleen, well done.

I only wish we had more strong proud Aboriginal women like you working hard out there to help combat the cycle of domestic violence and all the other issues that come with it.

You are a great role model to all our kids in showing them what can be done if you make a stand!!

Good onya Shirleen – so proud of you.

The entitlement of not answering questions
Maybe Congress only treat Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people because they are only funded by the Government for this.
And yes, maybe there are a lot of other services in Alice Springs only for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people because these services are possibly trying to Close the Gap in regards to health, education, employment, housing and any other services.
It’s not for any other reason I believe than to give this people what they need to be on the same level as all Australians.

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