Kick her off. We need strong Arrernte people on Council …

Comment on Councillors send message to Jacinta Price by Davo.

Kick her off. We need strong Arrernte people on Council like Cr Catherine Satour. Price was only on Council to seek attention, like everything else she does. Almost feel sorry for her.

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Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill
Those jumping up and down and complaining that there should only be one flag for all Australians … if we are a multi-cultural society, why is the Union Jack on our national flag?

Online hate speech by leading tourism figure
Maybe some of the millions of dollars created by Aboriginal tourism can be pumped back into programs for Aboriginal youth instead the pockets of greedy obese middle aged white men (GOMAWM).

VIDEO: Watch yourself in the NAIDOC march this morning
NAIDOC week should be a time to celebrate the positive achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
Those who want to rant about youth crime have 51 other weeks of the year to do so.

Ted Egan: Forget splitting hairs, counting drops of blood.
Uncle Hucklebuck: That has to be the most pointless, simplistic comment I’ve ever read here.
I’m sure mining on Aboriginal land and the Aboriginal aspect of tourism more than pays for Aboriginal people using the social security net and whatever you’re milking from the taxpayer.

Ted Egan: Forget splitting hairs, counting drops of blood.
Yes, Pauline Hanson is Indigenous, Indigenous to Australia, because she was born in Australia.
Ultra right wing dog whistler Andrew Bolt has also labelled himself Indigenous.
And that’s the problem with the word Indigenous.
It’s a word that has crept into the Australian vocabulary and become more used in the last 20 to 30 or so years.
It’s certainly taken off since the Mabo decision, when Torres Strait Islanders became more prominent. Instead of going to the effort of saying “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders”, you can just lump both peoples together as “Indigenous”.
Whoever labelled First Australians with such a difficult word wasn’t First Australian.

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