It speaks volumes that as an elected offical, paid to …

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It speaks volumes that as an elected offical, paid to be there and expected to present at council meetings, is now being reprimanded by her own political allies from her campaign for being off all the time chasing her own fame rather than doing the job this town elected her to do.
The council is dysfunctional enough as it is and despite the big promises, she has done nothing on the council to actually address the issues she pretends to care about and campaigned on to get on Council.
When she stood for Lingiari in the election, despite having the eyes of the country on her and the ability to do something truly meaningful for the Territory, she produced exactly zero policy regarding the issues she pretends to care about and put very little on the table for us regarding infrastructure and economic policy to turn the Territory around.
That right there should have been the major warning sign to all of us that she was not actually fit for the job and she was a paper tiger. Once it was clear that the writing was on the wall and Snowdon was about to pull off another win, she carried on like a spoilt brat on social media.
Not a good look for the CLP and the moderates who voted for her just trying to get some action on the issues.
Having sat back and looked at it for a while, I think her whole public persona is based around the fact she spotted a very strong undercurrent of anger and insecurity from people who are pissed off with the status quo of violence and crime around town and played the people in this town like a fiddle by telling them what they wanted to hear. Tough on this, tough on that but no actual substance.
Now that it’s all fallen over now she’s tapped this town for as much as it was worth, she’s off to greener pastures to do it all again to city folks over east.
In retrospect, despite all the hype and hot air around her bringing change and so forth, I think she never actually had any real answers and frankly, I suspect she never will.
I think its time to move on Ms Price.

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Looks like Wazza’s back
The interesting thing about the AEC booths is the otherwise lack of swing against Warren in many key areas the CLP thought they had and in many case, swing for him.
57% versus 43% has clearly got to be quite disappointing result for the CLP to swallow.
Jacinta made herself out to be all that in the media, to speak on behalf of mass voiceless Aboriginals and the whitefella townsfolk.
Very clearly, that narrative is wrong and her big mouthing was ultimately a big factor in her demise.
Wazza walked away with upwards of 80% (and in some places upwards of 90%) of the bush vote, even where the CLP were apparently present and he received a heavy amount of the primary in the urban areas which were boosted by the preferences of the Greens.
Like it or not, Jacinta has very clearly hit her high tide mark (and on the back of considerable amounts of money being injected into her campaign and a lot of heavy media coverage)/
The CLP will need to face this reality, regardless of whatever spin they put on the overall win of the Morrison government, that their candidates amounted to fizzers, incapable of delivering even a moderate swing even with all the turmoil of the NT Government.
Very interesting stuff.
No doubt both candidates are probably regretting not changing their tickets to the Senate right now.

SA budget allocation may put paid to Alice gallery: Higgins
If you’re so worried about this Garry why don’t you pick up the phone, call Jamie DeBrenni, call Mayor Damien Ryan and call Jacinta Price to vote for authorising it the next time it comes up before council?
8/10ths of the people standing in the way of the project going ahead are CLP oldie whinge voters who can’t accept the fact that things are changing and that Alice Springs isn’t going to stay in statis from the days they remember in the 70s and 80s or before forever.
Yet barely between breaths those same people in public meetings for locals will whinge that the town is in decay and that we need to reinvigorate the CBD. What do you think this is?
Better yet, we get a new footy ground out of it as well, which is also good for local contractors too!
The government and the builders and contracts want to start now, not in five years time after all those people have left for retirement or died.
I’m not the greatest Labor fan in the world but this gridlock are from the people I described earlier and you can actually do something about it.
So do it.

Anonymous donation doesn’t fix conflict of interest for council
Kyle: Pretty sure that’s our money to start with, just like its our money which was collected in council rates to pay for what was in essence a political event.
The simple fact of the matter is that whether it was, 1400 bucks or 14, it was an obvious conflict of interest and shouldn’t have been done in the public’s name. People in these positions know for instance not to accept gifts or favours for obvious legal and ethical reasons.
These guys should have known better and the sooner everything is fessed up to and handled, the better.

NT cops handcuffed, says Opposition Leader
I read in the NT News today that the Federal government is supposed to be funding 350 cops outside of Darwin in the NT.
It turns out that the average cost of a copper is $165,000. The current funding is $23m from the Commonwealth for those coppers. The cost of actually having those 350 cops outside of Darwin would be $57.75m.
Yet again Malcolm Turnbull pisses in our pockets and tells us its raining.

PM’s visit poorly planned political stunt: Snowdon
Warren literally lives here in Alice Springs WITH his daughters and partner. It’s common knowledge.

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