Jacinta is too busy going around talking about her people …

Comment on Councillors send message to Jacinta Price by Gunaminy Munyarryun.

Jacinta is too busy going around talking about her people and putting them down, both herself and mother Shouldn’t they be hands on working with and for their community instead of building a political career with the fascist/racist ideologies she is manifesting across the nation, saying she can walk into any Aboriginal lands and don’t need welcome to country at her speeches She needs to know her business. We can’t go into Walpairi country without their acknowledgement. Message stick has been around before colonisation so we can travel safe within and to other countries in this here lands. She has her own agenda and that’s not serving the people of ALICE SPRINGS. Alice Springs need their own people to work on council who are original from there, who knows the people and grass roots, not a airy fairy displaced girl who eats off a silver spoon.

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