Great article, but let’s also hear the other additional aspect …

Comment on ‘The fastest accelerating vehicles on planet’ by Trevvor Shiell.

Great article, but let’s also hear the other additional aspect of motor sport.
This was exemplified recently in Northern NSW where four tesnagers were killed through excessive speed.
We have a great commercial opportunity here as well as a socially responsible course of action to present a responsible and defensive aspect of driver training along the lines of that offered by defence force courses, where people learn defensive driving techniques prior to obtaining a full licence.
The consequences of such things as tail gaiting, stopping distances, identification of early of possible hazards etc should be central themes.
The fact that there have been over 200 incidents of quad related hospitalisations this year alone indicates that there is a need for safety training along the same lines.
The target market for this is the large number of young potential drivers who come here every year from southern schools on educational holidays.
This might well fund some of the motor related activities here and add to the reputation of motor sports here as a national centre of excellence in all aspects of motoring and not simply the thrill of speed.

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