Wakie, wakie, Lhere Artepe. Poor buggers in that corporation have …

Comment on Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer by Liberal.

Wakie, wakie, Lhere Artepe. Poor buggers in that corporation have been sleeping on the job and getting away with it because the two mouths have gone quiet.
They jumped up and down to put their own kind in and when it happened they started arguing amongst themselves and now no-one will have a crack in there. Sad, sad, sad.

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We won’t be there for His Royal Highness
At least we know that the CEO of Lhere Artepe is alive. Is is contacting him that’s the issue!

Police seek public assistance following assault
Little cowards, they’ve been doing it for long, long time.
Aboriginal youth is out of control and they will pick on the wrong person sometime!

Secret art gallery business
Kicked out of Coffs Harbour, ha ha ha.T he Price circus continues, only with no tent, just mummy and daddy!

These ringers are all the way from Indonesia
Bring them in, the Aboriginal person isn’t interested in working or learning!

Online hate speech by leading tourism figure
It’s a hard one alright. People are becoming frustrated at the lack of respect that is being practiced by Aboriginal kids and the damage that can happen and does happen.
Aboriginal people have to work harder at standing up and saying to all the mob that this is not good behaviour and it’s gotta stop!
No education around acceptable behaviour and bad behaviour, only when they are caught and then in the lock up are kids being subjected to rules and then its a different form of bad behaviour that is expressed because the individual can’t cope and has never ever been grown up around right, wrongs, please and thank you.
Big mess and big money!

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