Perhaps we’re looking at this the wrong way. Maybe an …

Comment on Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer by Alan Harrison.

Perhaps we’re looking at this the wrong way. Maybe an Aboriginal controlled gallery on Aboriginal land would make more sense?
What about a public private partnership with Aboriginal majority shareholding and creative control. The NT Government could kick in its $50m, Aboriginal people could provide the site and any additional funding (thanks Centrecorp?)
As for suitable sites, to throw a few in, you could talk to the residents of Ilparpa Camp (south of the gap) or Larapinta Valley Camp (great location) about shared space, housing swaps, compensation or any combination that works for them. There is also the block off Commonage Rd between Little Sisters Camp and the railway line.

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Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
Great news. Not so great the secret meetings.

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Library ban: where will all the young ones go?
Well said, Hannah.

Library no go for unaccompanied Alice teens
I went to the library quite often last year, to borrow books and read while my grandson got his fix of Minecraft on the computers down the back.
I liked having the local kids around, gave the place a bit of energy.
They could be noisy and I did see books thrown around occasionally, but from what I observed, the youth workers and library staff did a pretty good job dealing with it all.
I would rather see these kids in a public institution like the library, involved in youth programs that encourage and model positive socialising than running around the streets or shopping centres.

Solar lights may go
Andrew Crouch is on the money here, particularly the signs on Anzac Hill. They have killed the drive up. Looks like a concept rejected by the Pink Roadhouse. Hope my rates and taxes don’t pay for this stuff.

Government grant for Todd Tavern, Alice Plaza development
Go Alex! Never has a nail been hit so squarely on the head.

National gallery business case still not public
Questionable land deals are a feature of local and state governments.
Those done in secret are the most suspect.

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