Why not use it to reduce the cost of flights? …

Comment on Cheap money, long terms, but where are our investors? by Watchn.

Why not use it to reduce the cost of flights?

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Solar cars are more than silent, fast and cheap to run
Electric cars are great. I am not in the market for one though, or any car over $15,000.
So I’m looking forward to the future when perhaps the secondhand market can sell them on. I think this will be at least another 10 years away.

Why not us?
Why not us?
Coz we live in the desert.

Flood control: Don’t hold your breath
Biggest flood threat comes from poor maintenance of town drainage. Check out the choked open drains around town.
Next to CDU and Club East side are classic examples. These drains are designed to flow storm water into the river.

Stuart Highway job dearer, delayed
Anyway, it is great now. Can hardly remember the bumpy, rotten, narrow highway that was there before.

Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
How can there be any issues with housing and services with this money in someone’s pocket. About the only thing Jacinta Price was going good on, the use of royalties.

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