The old Anzac High School site and building is the …

Comment on Government firm on demolishing Anzac High: Lawler by Brendan.

The old Anzac High School site and building is the ideal site for a drop-in centre to get the kids off the streets at night and have educational programs, sport, using the Anzac Oval, beds, a kitchen to teach the kids nutrition and how to prepare a meal.
We need to start somewhere. These ideas will cost money, but we have lost one or two generations now. How many more will we lose if we don’t start programs to help these kids and make them productive and wanting a better life for themselves?
It would cost the Territory Government less money in the long run if they bought the Melanka site, put the Aboriginal Art Gallery there in four, five or six story building and a four or five story car park on the Hartley Street site.
This would keep the Art Gallery in the town area, and the Anzac oval can stay where it is.
Allow on the Melanka site to build a 4.5 or five star hotel as well to be leased out. Eventually the land for the hotel can be subdivided and sold.

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Politicking or community: What to do about youth crime?
Thank you Ted, for your insight and comments. All we need to do now is hope the Territory and Federal Governments are listening and start from there.
I also sent an email to the Alice News re the old Anzac High School. It would be a great place to start for a drop in centre for the youth.

Praise for $24m overpass over the top
It is money well spent, there are so many roadtrains, trucks, coaches, caravans, motor homes etc that it is a safety issue, as the rail line is not at 90 degrees to the road.
Coming from the south you need to look to the right over your shoulder to see if a train is coming, it travels at about 100 kph. Do you think a road train 53 metres long travelling at 100 kph can stop in time?
It needs about 1 Km or more to stop.
I think this is the last overpass to be built on a main highway in the NT.

Better WiFi, mobile signal soon south of Gap
4G at the airport yesterday, 3G still in Palm Circuit where there are 5 businesses in and around Palm Circuit. When will we see 4G?

Beats at bottleshops to stay
The Police are doing a great job and it is working, with less domestic violence, with less people going to the hospital a good outcome, and it is a great P R exercise as well, the locals get to know the police and can talk to them on any issues they may have. Keep up the good work.

$160,000 residential blocks at Kilgariff: Giles
This subdivision will be great for the Alice in jobs for the builders and subbies. [It would be good] if there were – say – 10 blocks available for first home buyers at a better rate to encourage people to settle here and raise their families.
Maybe by Xmas blocks will be available?
Alice needs more people here for jobs and growth, especially with all the mining happening around the Centre.

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